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How Much Do Wetsuits Typically Cost?

A lot of people have thought about taking up scuba diving at one point or another. However, there are a few things that often stop the average person from taking part in the sport. Mainly the fears that come with being exposed to the sea life in the ocean, but the main fear that stops people from taking up aquatic sports is the cost. Though we usually try to disregard any fears about taking part in aquatic, we have to agree that the equipment can be quite expensive. There are many questions regarding the costs of scuba diving, like how long does a scuba tank last and how expensive are scuba tanks? 

You have to take the cost of a lot of equipment into account when you are tallying up the cost of having scuba diving as a hobby, such as the cost of snorkels and the cost of scuba masks for large faces, along with general costs such as getting a divers-down flag.  

However, arguably one of the more affordable aspects of the scuba lifestyle is wetsuits. Wetsuits are so affordable because there aren’t a lot of safety certifications that they have to meet, meaning that a lot of places distribute them at differing prices. But just how much do wetsuits typically cost?  


General range  

Though wetsuits are one of the cheaper items that you can buy for aquatic activities, they can still start at prices of around $50 and finish at prices of around $500. Obviously, there are a lot of factors that determine this pricing such as. 


Much like in any walk of life, having the right brand logo on a wetsuit can drastically change the price of the actual wetsuit. This is because people often buy from a certain brand that has built a reputation for itself and is well known among the community. A brand being well known usually means that it has a certain degree of quality and reliability and so because that brand knows that many people will buy their products, they choose to price the products much higher.  


The main body of material that is used in wetsuits is neoprene. Now, much like any material, depending on the distributor you purchase it from, it can come in differing qualities. Some neoprene is of a higher quality and would have cost the manufacturers more, so they are likely to charge more for that wetsuit. Some manufacturers also use other materials along with the neoprene and if they do this, they also charge an excess cost on top of their usual cost.  


Wetsuits come in varying thicknesses, which also determines their cost. The thicker they are, the more material that is required to make them, which in return means that they will cost more to make.  

Type of zipper 

Again, due to how many manufacturers sell wetsuits, there are varying zipper types that also influence how much your wetsuit costs. 

Back zip wetsuit 

Back zip wetsuits are some of the more common kinds of wetsuits and are the cheaper models on the market. These wetsuits typically have a zip that runs from the top to the bottom of your spine, which means that the zip is out of the way. These are usually a bit cheaper for convenience reasons, as they are less accessible than other types. You can expect to spend upwards of $100 for these, depending on the brand. 

Chest zip wetsuits  

Chest zip wetsuits are wetsuits that have zips at the chest and are a favorite among driving enthusiasts. Contrary to popular belief, wetsuits are not in fact waterproof. This means that you are bound to have water seep into your suit and make you slightly colder. Chest zip wetsuits prevent the water from entering your wetsuit more than a back zip wetsuit and so manufacturers take advantage of this and sell them at a higher cost.  You can expect to spend upwards of $150 for a wetsuit-like this, depending on the brand. 

No zip wetsuits 

These wetsuits have no zipper and are favored for people that are looking for mobility when swimming or diving. These wetsuits are usually much thinner than your average wetsuit, which means that they cost considerably less than the average wetsuit. Because of this, you can find a zipperless wetsuit for around $50. 


Wetsuits come in several differing lengths, the general rule with any clothing item is that there are higher costs when there is more material used.  This applies to wetsuits as well, as they can be bought in several lengths.  


Full wetsuits  

Full wetsuits pretty much describe themselves. These are wetsuits that cover the entirety of your body and protect all of your limbs from direct exposure to the water. These wetsuits are usually used by scuba divers due to their full coverage and usually cost around $200.  


Short wetsuits 

Short wetsuits are usually worn by surfers and people who don’t descend into the water due to the fact that they offer less protection. Though they offer less protection from the water, they offer much more mobility as less of your body is restricted by material. Because they are made of less material, which in return makes them much more affordable. Short wetsuits usually cost around $120, depending on where you buy them from. 


How to find a good price  

Unlike other equipment that you need for scuba diving and aquatic activities, you can actually shop around for wetsuits and even buy them second hand. This is because if a wetsuit is faulty or breaks, it will not compromise your health or put you at risk when you are in the water. Wetsuits are often sold second hand and can be found at a very discounted place if you look in the right place. If you are part of a scuba company or know scuba instructors, they may also let you buy an excess stock that they have in.