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Diving Picks is committed to providing tips, dive guides, and dive gear reviews, so you will have a safe dive. We are a team of pro and recreational divers who are keen on promoting diving safety and standards. For us, a good diver is a safe diver.

In this blog, we share our personal experiences, the places we’ve been in, and everything you need to know about diving. We also focus on providing practical tips and steps on how to stay safe before, during, and after your dive.

We also recommend and review products so you’ll know what gear to buy. We aim to guide both newbie and veteran divers so we can bring the sport of diving closer to those who are interested to try it.

Our team updates this blog regularly so you’ll have a constant dose of information. As avid divers, we deem it our responsibility to share our knowledge so that diving will be a more worthwhile experience.

The underwater life is so marvelous that everyone should have a chance to see it. That’s only possible if you can overcome your fear and if you’re prepared for the dive. This is what we do here in Diving Picks. We guide you so you will be more confident on each plunge.

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