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Diving Picks is committed to providing tips, dive guides, and dive gear reviews so you will have a safe dive. We are a team of pro and recreational divers who are keen on promoting diving safety and standards. For us, a good diver is a safe diver.

In this blog, I will share my personal experience, the places I have been, and everything you need to know about diving. Mostly I focus on providing practical tips and steps on how to stay safe before, during, and after your dive. 

I also recommend and review products so you’ll know what gear to buy. My aim is to guide both newbie and veteran divers so I can bring the sport of diving closer to those who are interested in trying it.

I try to update this blog regularly, so you’ll have a constant dose of information. As an avid diver, I deem it our responsibility to share our knowledge so that diving will be a more worthwhile experience.

The underwater life is so marvelous that everyone should have a chance to see it. That’s only possible if you can overcome your fear and if you’re prepared for the dive. This is what I do here in Diving Picks. Guide you so you will be more confident on each plunge.

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About the Author

My name is Andy, and I am the creator and editor of Diving Picks. I started diving when I was nineteen years old, back in my home country Albania. Later, my family and I moved to the US, and Tampa seemed like the perfect spot for our new start. Still passionate about diving, I followed my passion in Tampa and quickly became an avid diver. There were so many adventures to be had! So much time was spent underwater! But there was also a problem: I didn’t have anyone to talk to while on missions, so I created this blog with the intention of blogging about my experiences as a diver.