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5 Best Scuba Mask for Large Faces and Buying Guide

Scuba masks are different from what you might be used to as masks. They are specifically created for scuba diving activities. Depending on the model, some might end up being the best scuba mask for large faces. That is what we want to look at today.

Scuba masks are great to help us see under water among other functions. So, they would have to be made from high quality materials that remains working great even with continuous water exposure.

Some think that they can use swim goggles in place of a scuba mask. That is not advisable. A scuba mask is designed to cover your nose too. This keeps the water from getting up your nose the further you dive.

Now that you have an idea what a scuba mask is all about, let us look at the table summary of 5 best scuba mask for large faces below.

Cressi F1 Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask
OMGear Diving Mask Snorkeling Gear for Kids and Adults
Aqua A Dive Sports Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask
TUSMA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask
OCTOMASK Frameless Dive Mask with GoPro Hero Camera Mount

Top 5 Best Scuba Mask for Large Faces

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Cressi F1 Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask

Product Name: Cressi F1 Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask

Product Description: Scuba divers love the frameless masks as they have a low profile which makes them feel comfortable on their face and it is also easy to carry them around. This frameless design is combined with a high-grade silicone skirt. The result is that you end up with better sealing from the mask to keep you comfortable under water. The manufacturer makes the lens out of tempered glass and it is certified by the CE body. The tempered glass is important to ensure the best visibility and durability. No need to worry about changing the scuba masks soon. With the low internal volume, you will have an effortless time cleaning and quickly adjusting it so that it fits over your face tightly. The strap buckles are molded onto the skirt. The result is that you end up with a flexible fit and also reduced drag.

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  • Comfort
  • Suction Power
  • Material Quality
  • Value for Money


It is a top performance scuba mask for large faces. It is made of strong and durable materials. You now end up with a model that lives up to the money you spent on it. The frameless design makes it ideal for a better fit and generally lighter.


✔️Impressive performance

✔️The skirt is made of high-grade silicone

✔️It has a reduced drag


❌It has a fogging problem

Runner’s Up

OMGear Diving Mask Snorkeling Gear for Kids and Adults

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This is another best scuba mask for large faces thanks to its versatility. Many people love it for being FDA approved. This is because the manufacturer uses food grade silicone skirt and strap. You should feel it being soft and comfortable against your face.

The flexible and soft nose pocket is important so that you end up with a personalized fit. We also find that the silicone material will always be more comfortable than using traditional PVC.

To make it even better, it comes with a reliable shatterproof tempered glass for the lens. The idea is that you should not have to worry about replacing your scuba mask soon. The 180 degrees of field of view you get with the mask is important to help with better visibility without turning too much.

Depending on your preference, it is easy to pick the right color and size of the mask. Take your time to go through the various sizes available to find the one that works for you.

✔️Available in multiple sizes and colors ✔️Uses an FDA approved food grade silicone ✔️Comes with a shatterproof tempered glass lens
. ❌The suction is not the best .

Aqua A Dive Sports Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

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One thing that stands out for this scuba mask should be the flexible silicone strap. This strap is important for keeping your mask leak-poof while at the same time remain a comfortable seal. The soft silicone will conform to your face contours. The result is that you end up with a customized fit and a water tight leak proof seal.

Having a one-piece lens means that you never have to worry about obstructed views again. The wide field of view means that you do not have turn much to see what is around you. You will always have an open and spacious feeling around you while diving.

The scuba masks that use plastic lenses tend to fog up fast and get yellow over time. However, this uses a PC glass lens. This type of lens does not fog easily or get yellow after months of use. It is properly treated to avoid cases of scratching and shattering.

There is also a convenient buckle added to the model. The buckle is important for ease of adjusting the unit for a custom fit. Depending on your face size, you can now have the right fit to prevent water leaks.

✔️Durable PC glass lens ✔️Adjustable for a comfortable fit ✔️Has a wide field of view
. ❌Overall durability could be better .

TUSMA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

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The freedom technology from TUSA makes it the best scuba mask for large faces to buy right now. So, what is freedom technology? It is a set of technologies meant to enhance the overall fit and performance of the scuba mask. The first one you will notice is the dimpled skirt surface and stability ridges. On overall, you get end with a better fitting scuba diving mask.

To make it better for those with a large face, we find that it has a 180-degree buckle system. This means that the buckle system will accommodate the varying head sizes for you to end up with a custom fit.

Any user will love that it comes with a panoramic view. The design featuring the wide field of view makes it ideal for many divers who want more view when in the water. There is also the reduced frame structure to reduce blind spots. You will always feel the sense of openness.

✔️Easily adjustable to fit different face sizes ✔️Comes with a panoramic view ✔️Has a round edge skirt for the right fit
. ❌A few complaints about fogging .

OCTOMASK Frameless Dive Mask with GoPro Hero Camera Mount

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It is on this list of the best scuba mask for large faces because of its versatility. This is because you can mount a GoPro camera to it. The aim of this feature is that you can now record your diving experience as you go under water. It works with all GoPro cameras even the new Hero 8 models.

As for the fit, it should be what people want. You get the best fit under water so that you do not worry about water leaking into the mask. There is no doubt you will have the best diving experience.

An ultra-soft silicone skirt is another cool feature to look at. The skirt is made of high-quality silicone to ensure you always end up with the best fitting masks all the time.

The aluminum thumbscrew and travel bag are included in your purchase. You will always have an easy time attaching the camera and also storing the mask in the travel bag after a dive.

✔️It allows for fitting a GoPro camera ✔️It comes with multiple accessories ✔️The mask has a soft silicone skirt for the perfect fit
. ❌Expensive for what it is .

Things to Consider Before Buying a Diving Mask

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Size and Comfort

Anyone who has a large face knows the importance of getting the best scuba mask for large faces. You might have tried other models and the fit was not comfortable at all. You now need to see what you get with a mask in terms of fit and comfort. Take the time to look for a mask that will be ideal for your face shape and is adjustable too.

Overall Vision Quality

The primary reason you are wearing a scuba diving mask is because you want to see better under water. That is not always possible when you do not get the right mask. Depending on the lens material, it is easy to find some models with the best vision quality.

The lens material should also not break easily. Most manufacturers are now using shatterproof materials for lenses. This ensures that you are safe in case of an impact.


For any best scuba mask for large faces, the adjustability is crucial to keeping the diver comfortable in the mask. For someone with a larger face, having the chance to adjust the mask until it fits should be important. Luckily, most models now come with adjustability options that you can use right now. It is best if you get a model with multiple adjustability options for a perfect fit and comfort too.

The Sealing Skirt

The skirt is the soft lining that you find around the mask’s perimeter. It rests on your face with the purpose of sealing the mask onto your face. The last thing you want is a leaking scuba mask. So, depending on how the sealing skirt is made, it can affect the sealing capability. It is best to go for the ultra-soft skirt as it can easily contour to your face shape to give you a better sealing.

Field of View

Depending on the scuba mask, the field of view largely differs. Most models right now come with a better large field of view. This allows you to have a panoramic view of the surroundings while in the water. Take your time to look at what kind of field of view you get with a scuba mask before spending your money.


Sometimes learning from the experiences of other people can go a long way to help you make up your mind. It is why we recommend that you look at what other people are saying about the masks in the reviews to help you find the best mask for large faces.

How to Prevent a Scuba Mask from Leaking

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Each time a diver goes for a long dive, the last thing he wants is to end up with a leak. Even a small leak can be irritating and sometimes a health hazard. It is why we want to look at some of the tips to keep in mind to help prevent the scuba mask from leaking.

Spend more money to get quality masks

If you are looking for the best scuba mask for large faces, the options are many. However, not all the masks work the same. You might be tempted to buy the cheapest one that you get. Well, you should not do that as you will end up with masks that do not work great. It is best if you can spend a few more bucks to get quality masks.

Look at the features you are getting with the mask. Make sure that even if it is expensive, it is worth the money spent on it.

Having a tight strap is not a tight seal

Some people think that the more they tighten the strap, the tighter the seal gets. However, that might not be the case in some masks. You should consider getting a mask made of better-quality materials that can still give you the best tight seal after tightening it normally. A good mask does not need overtightening just to have a proper seal.

Wear your mask properly

Some people end up with a leaking face mask simply because they do not wear it properly. The manufacturer provides you with instructions to ensure that you wear the mask the correct way. With proper positioning, you will not have to worry about leaks.

Scuba masks also need proper storage

You should consider storing your scuba masks just as you would do for the other scuba diving gear you might have. You should not leave a weight onto of your scuba mask for long. The weight can put a lot of pressure on the skirt making it lose its sealing capabilities. Keep the glass away from surfaces that might scratch it. Most masks would have a storage bag where you can keep them while not in use. Make sure you do that to keep the mask in the best condition.


As you can see, it is easy to get the best scuba mask for large faces on the market. The next time you need to get yourself the right scuba mask, you know what to look for. Always make sure that the scuba mask is well maintained to ensure it remains well-sealed to keep the water out. Reading the reviews above should help you narrow down your search to a specific model that works for you.