Best Places to Dive in the month of August

Are you a diver who is looking for the best places to dive in August? Most divers know that the key to having the perfect dive vacation is spending it in the right place and the right time.   

That’s why many of them go during the month of August which is the perfect month going for scuba diving.  

Although there are plenty of great scuba diving locations to explore and it will be so daunting for you.  

So, to help you pick down your options, we have come up with the best scuba diving destinations in August.  

Best Places to Dive in August

16 Best Places to Dive in August  

Best Places to Dive in August

Bali, Indonesia  

Bali Indonesia is one of the most famous tourist destinations with some of the best diving infrastructure and scuba diving spots.  

Here, in Bali, you can find pelagic marine life, world-class wreck dives, and great muck diving especially in the month of August.   

Furthermore, during the month of August, you will spot the Mola-Mola off Nusa Penida and you can also explore some of the destinations in Bali such as Menjangan, Tulamben and Padang Bai.  

Additionally, you can find many manta rays in the water of Bali.   

Best Places to Dive in August

Solomon Islands  

Solomon Island is the least visited tourist destinations in the world as it only receives less than 30,000 visitors each year.   

Although the Solomon Islands are one of the last borderlines of the unsplit reef with its warm waters and the interweave of current bringing an outburst of life to this corner of the Pacific.  

The month of August is the ideal month of planning an adventure in this South Pacific nation and it is also the month that the weather remained relatively dry.  

Additionally, aside from the breathtaking coral diving, there are also spectacular caves, drop-offs, cavers, muck environments and World War Two wrecks to explore.  

Best Places to Dive in August

Sulawesi, Indonesia  

Sulawesi is one of the top travel destinations and main islands of Indonesia with the best diving opportunities in the world.  

In the water of Sulawesi, you can find an amazing range of sea creatures, coral reefs and also due to its visibility divers have been coming for years.  

Most of the people go on the month of August as they want to experience the amazing muck diving of Lembeh but the people can also dive year-round.  

The dry season is from July to October which is the water temperature is slightly cool that allows the smaller species to thrive.  

Best Places to Dive in August


Fiji is called the South Pacific quintessential paradise, the place is popular for exciting marine life, colorful coral reefs and outstanding beaches which makes the place more worth visiting.  

When visiting Fiji, the high on your to-do list is an underwater adventure as it is known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’.   

Although it is a year-round destination, many still want to visit the place in the month of August as the water temperatures will range around 77°F (25°C).  

Additionally, in the month of August, the sharks are not that plentiful but you might still see some of them and you can expect stellar visibility of the plankton blooms as they only arrived with the wet season.  

Guadalupe Island, Mexico  

Guadalupe Island in Mexico is famous because of the Great White Sharks. Although from July to November is only the allowed month to go cage diving with these sharks.  

In order to hunt to the island, dozens of great whites arrive during those months.   

There are two distinct time periods within the season, the first is when juvenile males are present which us during the month of July to August and it is during the month of August the divers can see Great White Sharks in the greatest numbers.  

The Azores  

In the Azores, there is no great time rather than August as it is the Sunny weather which warms the seas for excellent diving.   

Here, you can dive the World War II wrecks while offshoring the Mobula rays and World War II wrecks.  

Probably, if you love being outdoors or regardless of what activities you’re into this place is your dream destination.   

Additionally, the Azores Islands is Europe’s best-kept secret full of exotic flora, pulsating volcanic activity, and breathtaking landscapes.  

Cocos Island- Costa Rica  

Cocos Island is also known as the ‘’Islands of the Shark’’, it is one of the best places to dive in the world.  

August is the best and most popular month to dive in the Cocos Island since during the month the sea temperature is in a great condition and it is the excellent month for sightseeing numerous hammerhead sharks, manta rays and plenty of other pelagic species  

Additionally, divers also might spot guitar sharks, whitetip reef, blacktip, silky, silvertip and Galapagos.  

Lembeh Strait- Indonesia  

As it is known as the “Mecca of Macro Photography” and called as the ‘’World’s Capital of Muck Diving’’, the island become one of the most popular places to dive.   

August has the excellent weather in Lembeh Strait and offers the highest concentration of critters during the month of April to October which makes August as the best month to dive Lembeh Strait.  

Additionally, you can see some of the endemic species such as the Lembeh Seadragon and Longfin Cardinalfish or Banggai Cardinalfish which is the extremely decorated underwater.  

Dumaguete- Philippines  

Dumaguete is one of the most famous scuba diving locations, it offers an excellent mix of everything that a scuba diver would like to have, meaning a must all in one destination.  

You can see a lot of everything here a great conditions of the sea, a nice-sized town, great restaurants, good hotel, and resorts rates and excellent muck diving with pristine reefs, larger marine life and lots of rare critters of  Dauin coastline, as well as the perfect photography opportunities at Apo Island.  

Although it might be a little rainy month of August it still remains a great month for diving and of course pretty much year-round.  

Additionally, the Dumaguete will offer you the opportunity to dive or snorkel with whale sharks nearby the Oslob and of course you will have the chance to meet friendly Filipino people.   

Verzasca River in the Swiss Alps, Ticino, Switzerland, Europe

Verzasca River- Switzerland  

The Verzasca River will not offer the most wildlife-filled or deepest dives but it is a popular spot for scuba diving.  

Probably, it is a paradise underwater for diving lovers as it is well-known for having amazing emerald green and crystal-clear water where you can see the Verzasca Riverbed with startling clarity.  

In addition, the right time to go in the river is during the month of June to October which the river has more warm water that falls average water temps are in the low 50s F of water temperature.   

St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall- ENGLAND, U.K.  

St. Michael’s Mount is known for having spectacular views which makes it more worth visiting.   

Here, you can’t only see spectacular views but you can also do exciting activities such as exploring sub-tropical gardens, uncovering stories of the harbor, climbing to the castle, and crossing by boat or Striding the causeway.  

Visiting St. Michael’s Mount will give you the chance to spot the second-largest fish in the ocean called ‘’Basking Sharks’’ which often feed close to shore.   

Most travelers come here from April to September which is the “driest” months of the year but late May and June is the best time to see the sharks since the water temps range from low 50s F to 68 ̊F.  

France- Mediterranean Sea  

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, offering the tourist with its perfect climate for holidays, beautiful views and of course lovely clear water wherein you can go paddling, swimming, snorkeling, and diving.   

The best time to go to the Mediterranean Sea is in the month of June to October when the temperature peak at 78 ̊F and August which is winter when the temperature drops to high 50s F.  

Chios Island-Greece   

The island is one of top-rated and one of the best dive spots around the world. 

 Although into the waters which are surrounded in the Greek island of Chios, the divers can swim along walls and reefs and they can weave through the undersea caves between the huge colorful rock formations. You can see some of the most colorful and large reef formations, glorious shipwrecks, beautiful underwater rock formations, and amazing underwater caves, the island is the perfect dive sites for beginner divers since the water offer moderate temperature and it is visible especially during the month of April and October which most of the divers was recommended to dive.    

Cenderewasih Bay- Indonesia  

Cenderawasih Bay is also known as the largest marine national park in Indonesia which became popular because of an incredible number of whale sharks that frequently visit the Bay in a large group.  

The place has always a wide variety of divers and a vast array of reef fish as well as Cenderawasih Bay has the excellent whale shark’s density.  

The right time to visit and go diving in the Cenderawasih Bay is during the month of June to October wherein the weather in Raja Ampat is unfavorable.   

Although booking going to Indonesia is not easy it is still worth it to visit the place as there are some nicest hotels that offer spa and massage treatments that every traveler can really enjoy.  

Pillory Beach-Turks, and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Island have many incredible World’s Best Beaches and one of them is Pillory Beach.  

Pillory Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in the Turks and Caicos Islands because of its sequestration and soft and powdery sand.  

One of the most popular resorts of Pillory Beach is the Bohio Dive Resort, the only resort that offers not only hotel accommodations, but full dining from breakfast to dinner, beachfront bar, and affordable all-inclusive dive and tour packages.  

Additionally, the best time to go to Pillory Beach is in the summer month of June- August wherein the weather is predictable with warm, super-clear water and fewer tourists.  

Raja Ampat, Indonesia  

Raja Ampat is one of the quintessential island destinations in Indonesia and famous for diving spots.   

The Raja Ampat offers its vibrant idyllic beaches and vibrant underwater ecosystem with plenty of natural beauty which makes the island look like a little slice of paradise.  

Diving and snorkeling on the island will give you the opportunity to swim with dolphins, manta rays and of course plenty of colorful fish species.   

On the other hand, Raja Ampat is known for having two dive seasons.  

Although most divers visit the Raja Ampat on the main season which is the month of October to April wherein the island has numerous manta rays but some also want to experience the lesser-known Raja Ampat shark season which is during the month of May to September  

Best Places to Dive in August

Final Words:  

The month of August, who wouldn’t think that it is known as the month of many things? The month of August is special for many countries, which in fact, some cultures call it the time of harvest or the harvest month.  

August month has some of the special holidays, historical events and even birthdays.  

In many countries in the world, the month of August is the holiday and summer vacation of their children, it is the month when they have more plenty of time to spend with their family, friends, and relatives.   

With that said, the month of August is the perfect month too for divers as the month of August has great weather which makes the divers more enjoy diving underwater.  

There is no doubt, the month of August is all the way to go to the beach for divers or non-divers exploring and enjoying warmer clear water.   

So, why not say hello to the month of august going on a diving vacation in your bucket list destinations?  

Hopefully, the above 16 lists of the Best Places to Dive in August will help you pick the perfect location for your dive vacation in the month of August.