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Best Place to Dive with Whale Sharks

Do you want to know where the best place to dive with whale sharks is? You’ve come to the right place!

Diving is a very adventurous and unforgettable experience that anyone will have especially if you experience it with whale sharks. As we all know, whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, and they are an elegant and magnificent giant of the sea.

There is no doubt that many scuba divers are seeking whale sharks because this wondrous giant creature can capture the attention of all who meet them underwater. There are only a few places where you can meet and encounter them. So, diving with whale sharks piquing your interest and wondering if you can do this exciting adventure.

Read on and deep dive to discover the best place to dive with whale sharks.

Best Place to Dive with Whale Sharks

10 Best Place to Dive with Whale Sharks

Best Place to Dive with Whale Sharks

Isla Holbox, Mexico

The Isla Holbox Mexico is the number one and most consistent best place to dive with whale sharks. The water connection between Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox will guarantee you a chance of sighting at least one whale shark or hundreds on a whale shark. Here, you can see the manta rays during the whale season. You can do many main activities in the Isla Holbox because most tourists describe the place as their number one best hotspot for their beach vacation. They can do chilling, swinging in a hammock, and jumping into the water, and sunbathing.

From the mainland, just a 25-minute boat ride is the Holbox, which is the sleepy northernmost Island of Quintana Roo’s state, which is the counterpart of the crazy Cancun that is 150km to the South.

The right time to visit the Isla Holbox is during the peak season, which is in the month of July to August, but the whale sharks arrive at mate and feed from late May to September. The Isla Holbox has about 1500 population, who live mainly from tourism and fishing. Keep in mind that Mexico also offers highly reputable tours and cheap hotels where you can lodge in.

Best Place to Dive with Whale Sharks

Utila, Honduras

As the place knew the “Whale Shark Paradise” and called “The Whale Shark Capital of the Caribbean,” there is no doubt that Utila is one of the best places to dive with whale sharks. The place offers a lot of beautiful things that you might imagine. You will experience authentic island life with great restaurants, a nice little hotel, a Caribbean Resort with music, small bars, and of course friendly and pleasant people as well as the Island only one main road which is lined with colorful and unique houses and small fishing community at the East Harbour.

The right time you can visit Utila, Honduras, is between March and April, where you can see the majestic whale sharks as they visit the Island though you can also see them during the month of September December.

Donsol Bay-South Luzon Philippines

Donsol is considered one of the best places to dive with whale sharks. According to some research, the place had become a popular tourist destination since 1998 when whale sharks were seen in Luzon’s fishing village.

On the other hand, sighting the whale sharks becomes less frequent through whale shark tourism was more ethical. You can’t feed sharks in Donsol, but you can feed sharks in Oslob Cebu.

The right time to visit Donsol Bay is during November and June, wherein the whale sharks usually arrive, but February and April are the main seasons.

Traveling to the place is very easy, you can get some multi packages tour for both day and night and get the best accommodation in some of the best hotels.

Koh Tao, Thailand

As Koh Tao is famous for its cheap diving, Ko Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand in the north of the legendary party island is located 70km from the mainland and 12km from Koh Samui, Phangan. The Island is one of the most popular islands in Thailand, especially for snorkelers and divers. These two sports have many similarities, but some distinct differences between snorkeling and scuba diving make them two very different sports.

Visiting Koh Tao is a must for any visitor to Thailand. The Island offers an excellent, inspiring point of view where you can see perfect scenery of breathtaking views and enjoy incredible snorkeling or diving opportunities that will reveal the secrets hidden deep below sea level in clear warm waters! There are plenty of fun activities available on land too – like playing games at their leisure park while getting close enough so as not miss out with interactive playtime right before your eyes; relaxing between massages offered throughout town, which provide relief from sore muscles after spending time outdoors exploring nature’s beauty around here…and don’t forget about delicious seafood meals waiting just behind those stalls near-shore when hunger starts kicking (it happens!).

The right time to go in the Koh Tao is from April to June, wherein you can luckily encounter whale sharks, though It is possible all year round. Moreover, if you want to visit Koh Tao, some resorts professionally combine accommodation and tours.

Bay of Ghoubbet, Djibouti

Bay of Ghoubbet is one of the most dependable best places in the world where you can dive or swim with whale sharks. At the western end of the Gulf of Tadjoura tucked neatly in this small hidden bay, it’s not strange for the several giants crossing close to the shore, which is sure the snorkelers will see them.

The right time to go to the Bay of Ghoubbet is from October to February, wherein the whale sharks start arriving and remaining in the bay, but the peak season is from November to January.

If you want to visit the bay, you can stay at some of the hotels in Djibouti City, and there are also cheaper hotels where you can comfortably stay.

Tofo Beach-Mozambique

As it is called the “travelers haven,” no wonder that it is considered one of the best places to dive with whale sharks. Mozambique place is known as the best place for sports tourism, adventures, and, of course, underwater activities. The beach of paradise offers many exciting adventures, such as swimming with marine species and sharks while snorkeling. Its crystal-clear water offers a better experience underwater species and visibility.

The best time to go to Tofo Beach is from November to February, but the peak season is from October to March.

Besides, if you want to visit Tofu Beach, you can choose to stay at some of the backpacker lodges where you can be comfortable.

Ningaloo Reef- Western Australia

Another best place to dive with sharks in the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is the fringing and largest accessible coral reef, located to the north of capital Perth on the west coast, which is about 1,2000 kilometers.

According to some research in 2011, the Unesco World Heritage Site declared the Ningaloo reef the home of hundreds of underwater fish species, including the majestic whale sharks. The place is one of the best places to encounter the largest creatures in the world.

The best time to go in the Ningaloo Reef is between March to July, when most of the whale sharks come, though the natural spectacle when the time of coral spawning is over snorkelers and divers were attracted to come by every year.

If you like diving and want to visit the Ningaloo Reef, there are numerous tours like Exmouth, picking up at the local caravan parks, campsite, and hotels.

South Ari Atoll- Maldives

In the Maldives, whale sharks’ sighting is already common all year round. The country is known for having the best marine ecosystem, and it is the perfect destination for ocean lovers, which they can snorkel or dive.

If you want to see the world’s biggest fish in their natural habitat, then booking a tour with Maldives Whaleshark Research is an excellent way for that. The app will take users on private trips to get up close and personal without being scared away by more significant tourists who might not know how gentle these sharks actually are!

Although it is a myth that the Maldives is reserved for wealthy travelers who can afford luxurious resorts and splurge on private islands with overpriced water villas, the country also offers many types of the resort which can suit everyone’s budget. The best thing is that many guesthouse and resorts offer their own tour.

Gladden Spit- Belize

If you want to get up close and personal with the great white sharks, then Belize is one of your best options. The country offers exciting adventures like diving near Placencia. There are opportunities for divers who would like to explore these giants in their natural habitat while also helping out on crucial coral reef fish spawning sites that provide food sources for many types of species, including turtles!

We think it is one of the best places to visit in Belize. You can enjoy traveling there as you will be able to do many activities such as visiting Placencia, exploring underwater with clear crystal water, and an incredible abundance of marine life while snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, or casual strolls on the beach.
A lot has changed since I last visited Gladden Spit, but if my memory serves me correctly, then this place used to be much more secluded back when people would only travel from their village by boat, which gave way for some truly breathtaking adventures.

The right time to visit the Gladden Spit is April and May, where the whale sharks’ sighting is more consistent.

Traveling to Gladden Spit is not complex as the place of Placencia, also known as the “pleasant point,” offers a wide range of accommodations from boutique-style beach cabanas to small guesthouses as well as fully-equipped holiday apartments.



Another best place to dive with sharks in the Cenderawasih Bay is Indonesia’s largest marine national park. The bay became famous because of the incredible number of whale sharks that frequently visit a large group. The place always has a wide variety of divers and a vast array of reef fish. Also, Cenderawasih Bay has an excellent whale shark density.

The right time to visit the Cenderawasih Bay is from June to October, wherein Raja Ampat’s weather is unfavorable.

Although booking to Indonesia is not easy, it is still worth visiting the place as some of the most excellent hotels offer spa and massage treatments that every traveler can enjoy.

Best Place to Dive with Whale Sharks


How much does it cost to dive with whale sharks?

Whale Shark Dive Trips are typically expensive for a single-day trip, not including hotel stay if the trip is more than half a day’s travel from your place of residence. There are trips that will charge less or more depending on variables that are difficult to generalize, such as if they provide food on-shore or onboard and whether they offer specialty dives beyond whale shark diving (additional dives may also be available for purchase).

Depending on the place, the price varies from $100 up to $1000. 


Is it safe to swim with whale sharks?

With their enormous size and powerful jaws, one might think that these fish would be too intimidating for even the most fearless of swimmers. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as they typically only feed on plankton, which means you can enjoy an up-close encounter without any risk! So, whale sharks are very safe to swim with! 


Can I touch a whale shark?

Touching a whale shark can be dangerous because its skin is covered in tiny tooth-like scales. You may also get “shark burn,” which happens when your hand comes into contact with these dermal denticles and Causes pain!


When can I swim with whale sharks?

Theoretically, anyone can swim with whale sharks. Practically, however, it is difficult to predict where they will be in advance reliably. On your first tour, the chances of swimming with a whale shark are around 95%, and the likelihood increases as the season goes later and decrease in early spring.



Exploring underwater while diving with whale sharks is everyone’s dream. Whale sharks are the giant fish in the world, and they are beautiful animals underwater. A giant fish, maybe, but they are harmless and elegant.

Swimming with them is one of the most memorable experiences that you will have. There is no doubt that it is one of the most famous underwater activities in the world.

However, sighting them is not a guarantee. You need to keep in mind that, like humans, you need to respect them and avoid touching them or using them with a flash of cameras for your photography because it is essential not to restrict their natural behavior and movements.

Moreover, approaching them is not that complicated. You need to know what are those things you must know before having any interactions with them. Please do some research on this matter.

Overall, diving with whale sharks is worth it. You won’t be disappointed to encounter one of them and make your diving adventure more exciting and unforgettable.

Therefore, I recommend that you must try one of the best places to dive with whale sharks and try diving with these wondrous giants.

What do you think? Would you like to dive with whale sharks, or have you already dived with whale sharks? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!