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Why Hawaii is the best place for a freediving trip?

To find the most fantastic freediving spots around the world, one is bound to visit Hawaii. It is even arguable that Hawaii is the best place for freediving in general. The islands have more than one diving spot with centuries of tradition.

A freediving trip to Hawaii is one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable that words cannot begin to describe. Whether you’re an experienced freediver or a complete beginner, you will definitely want to plan the trip.

A Brief History Of Freediving In Hawaii

Hawaiians have been freediving for centuries, but not recreationally. Given that the ocean surrounds them, they needed to learn how to fish and do it well. They use spearfishing which often necessitates diving and freediving. Hawaiians also developed a special sling for spearfishing.

Among the residents of the main island of Hawaii (Kona), there are many who have been freediving from a very young age. It is part of their culture and not something they learned as a recreational activity. The ocean is an integral part of Hawaiian culture, and they are taught to respect it and the marine wildlife within it. They learned to live around sharks in calm, deep waters. You will never find a better place to enjoy the ocean than Hawaii.


Hawaii Is The Ultimate Freediving Location

Not only are the islands a paradise that is perfect for any tourist to visit, but their freediving locations are also world-renowned. These are some of the reasons to consider Hawaii for your next freediving trip.

Marine Life

The Hawaiian islands regularly get visits from beautiful marine wildlife, with some exceptionally large marine animals seen often. This elevates the freediving experience so much more. There is no better way to observe such rarely seen sea creatures in their natural habitat.

The Pacific Ocean

The coast off Kona is right in the middle of the ocean, in one of the largest areas of the world’s oceans that don’t get much traffic. To reach the great depths, all you need is a quick swim from the shore. You can even swim with a pilot whale if you are brave enough. But don’t get too intimidated by the word ‘ocean’ because the current is so calm, you won’t have any trouble relaxing. Because the current is negligible, visibility in that part of the ocean is very clear as well. So, you can enjoy the experience more.


The community in Hawaii is some of the friendliest people in the world. You can always expect them to greet you with a smile and help you out if you need anything. Additionally, some of the US freediving record-holders are native Hawaiians. Even when you’re not in a session, many of the locals will be available to give you odd tips and help with your technique.

Beautiful In And Out Of Water

Anyone who visits the islands will tell you that they are paradise on Earth. Nothing compares to the beautiful mountains or the lava flow from their volcanoes. Because Hawaii is so far from the rest of the world, they have beautiful flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else. Even other Polynesian islands fail to compare.

Aside from the beauty above the water, the coral reefs underwater are some of the most amazing views. You will find schools of fish seeking refuge among the coral reefs, which make for a freediving experience like no other.


Hawaii Has The Best Freediving Courses

There are millions of freedivers around the world, and many courses of varying degrees are available. If you’re in the United States (as a local or a visitor), think of getting your freediving course in Hawaii. Here are some of the reasons why.


Experienced Instructors

Due to their historical and cultural connection with the sea and freediving, the instructors in Hawaiian resorts are very experienced. They are used to dealing with all sorts of tourists with varying skill levels. You can trust that Hawaiians will have you relaxed in the water and meditating in no time.



Freediving courses in Hawaii use top-notch instructors but cost relatively low. Budget freediving destinations such as Egypt and the Philippines cost around the same for a full course. Also, because Hawaii is closer to the US, you aren’t traveling great distances to get there, which significantly reduces the cost of flying on your freediving trip.



You may not spend your entire trip freediving, and that’s not uncommon. Kona has many other extracurricular activities that you can take part in. This is also helpful if you want to bring your family along, especially if they are not interested in freediving (or your kids are too young to participate safely).


Freediving locations in other countries may not have many amenities easily accessible from the beach. On the other hand, Hawaii has great roads, infrastructure, and world-class resorts. It’s easy to plan a trip around a freediving course, so you can spend a few days on the course and then proceed to enjoy the islands for a few more days. Tourists enjoy the food, culture, beach, nightlife, historical landmarks, nature, and much more. Hawaii is not only the ultimate freediving location; it is one of the world’s best tourist destinations so that you can catch two birds with one stone.


Final Notes

For a novice, amateur, or professional freedivers, Hawaii is a paradise on land and underwater. A trip to Hawaii is a must for anyone thinking of a freediving excursion due to a variety of reasons. The experience is unmatched, and divers can feel safe knowing that they are in the hands of centuries-old traditions and top-notch diving instructors.

To experience the deep blue sea at its finest, to meditate among the whales, sharks, narwhals, and other fish among exquisite coral reefs, look no further than the wonderful islands of Hawaii. Don’t forget to bring your water shoes for Hawaii vacations because you will need them. The weather is great, the people are welcoming, and the tourism is world-renowned. What are you waiting for? It would be best if you were searching for tickets and courses by now.