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5 Best Water Shoes For Hawaii Vacations

Hawaii has an exotic essence to its name. When you think of Hawaii, beautiful islands and sparkling waters will come first to your mind.

Hawaii also offers a range of water and land activities that will make your trip forever memorable. As you shift from rainforest trekking to a waterfall excursion, you have to think a good deal about your shoes.

Ask yourself, could you do all the activities in heels, or would you want to ruin your leather shoes? The rocky adventures deserve trustworthy, durable, and perfect shoes.

You will need a pair of shoes that will allow you to enjoy whatever you are doing on the trip. You should not have to worry about how long they will take to dry. Thus, in this article, we share the five best water shoes for Hawaii vacations.

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Best water shoes for Hawaii vacations

The following shoes are the most comfortable, stylish, and perfect match for your Hawaii vacation. Read on to know more about the pair you should pack while leaving for your lustrous adventures in Hawaii.

1. Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Zhuanglin Women’s water shoes are your perfect match when it comes to enjoying water sports. The shoes will keep your feet equally balanced and stable when you are walking in the water.

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Made with breathable, ultra-lightweight fabric, the upper region of the shoe allows immense breathability. The fabric further allows quick-drying, thus resulting in a warm environment for your feet.

Also, the base of the shoe has a unique design. The anti-slip rubber sole is provided with a non-slip hollow design that results in drainage holes facilitating quick drying. The sole is durable and protects your feet making this pair of water shoes one of the best shoes for vacations in Hawaii.

  • Made with 90% breathable fabric.
  • A lightweight midsole that allows efficient bounce back and stability.
  • An outsole that offers proper grip in wet and slippery conditions.
  • Shoes with a design that facilitates quick drying.
  • Provided with a rubber sole that is soft and comfortable for your feet.
  • Not suitable for extremely rocky surfaces.

2. Hiitave Women’s Quick-dry Water Shoes

It stands out from others because of its innovative design. The shoes work well on both dry and wet surfaces.

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Thus, they can be the best fit for your Hawaii trip as you shift between the land and water realms.

The shoe consists of a hard sole that protects your feet from cuts on rocky beaches. The breathable fabric and air mesh protect your feet from getting completely wet during kayaking. It also allows your feet to breathe and enables quick drying.

The shoes have a five-toe marked toe box design, which allows more room for your feet. The shoe resembles a duck foot giving it a funky look. Also, the sole is thick enough to protect you and light enough to facilitate easy movement.

  • Provided with an adjustable shoelace system that allows you to slip in your feet with ease.
  • A lightweight, minimalist design that gives you barefoot feels.
  • Comprises dry materials and a unique drainage system that allows water and air to move freely in and out of the shoe.
  • Perfect for any kind of beach activity, from volleyball to boating.
  • Flexible, breathable, and lightweight are some of the common adjectives used to describe the shoes.

  • The toe box design might be too big for some sizes.

3. VIFUUR Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks Slip-on for Men and Women

Available in a range of designs, these shoes are good for a variety of activities, like yoga, running, and surfing. These shoes come with an affordable price tag and are simple, versatile, lightweight, and convenient as an all-in-one combination.

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They are simple to slip in with no extra fuss and are extremely reliable. The stretchable fabric and smooth, comfortable fit make you feel like they’re a pair of socks for your feet. These shoes are a perfect Hawaii trip accessory.

A non-slip rubber sole allows you support when trying to balance on slippery surfaces. Moreover, the sole is strong enough to protect your feet in other conditions, like sand, rocks, and gravel.

  • Smooth neck design that facilitates easy take-off and wear.
  • Fits all shoe sizes and feet shapes, starting from kids to adults.
  • Breathable and smooth fabric.
  • Can be worn on any beach occasion, like surfing, boating, kayaking, etc.
  • Rubber outsole that prioritizes foot safety.
  • No arch support is provided.

4. SEEKWAY Women’s and Men’s Water Shoes

These shoes have a beautiful design that stands out in travel photographs. The shoes are lightweight and feel free, and easy to use.

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They have easy-to-wear technology, simply like putting on socks. The shoes are also easy to carry and clean. You need not worry about the fittings as the elastic upper cover does not let it fall off your feet.

The quick-dry, breathable upper fabric and a protective sole give your feet complete support. This is a perfect combination of comfort and convenience that caters to the well-being of your feet.

  • The soft and breathable upper fabric helps in quick drying.
  • Complete freedom of movement, as it is as simple as socks.
  • Easy to slip in without extra laces.
  • Fits snugly, and a rounded elastic neck prevents feet from chafing.
  • A non-slip sole that enables good grip.
  • Not a long-lasting asset.

5. ALEADER Unisex Barefoot Beach Water Shoes

These shoes are ideal for all kinds of activities. You can truly enjoy your trip and carry on all kinds of activities that please your heart. Go from windsurfing to kayaking, and the shoes will be your trusted companion.

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They are built with a breathable and smooth fabric that lets your feet feel free to even within the shoes. You can wear this beautiful pair and jump around the beach without fearing any mishaps and enjoy your vacation in Hawaii. The strong grip lets you balance efficiently.

Lightweight and flexible, the sole protects your feet on hard surfaces. Take these shoes whenever you plan a trip to Hawaii, as they will let you be comfortable always.

  • The uppers are extremely stretchable and fit all foot sizes.
  • You can wear it even when you return from your Hawaii trip; wear it to water parks.
  • Great for all kinds of water sports like sailing, surfing, swimming, kayaking, etc.
  • It gives barefoot feels and extremely comfortable.
  • Easy for packing, as they are flexible and highly compressible.
  • The breathable fabric is very thin.

FAQ about water shoes in Hawaii

Yes, it is recommended to wear water shoes in Hawaii, especially if you plan on participating in water activities like scuba diving. So before going on vacation on Hawaii don’t forget to bring your best water shoes with you.


Planning a trip and deciding what to pack tends to be overwhelming. To fully enjoy your Hawaii vacation, you’ll need the right water shoes.

Thus, this article will help you decide on one of the essentials of the trip, the water shoes.

From lightweight options to rugged and durable shoes, these water shoes will keep your feet comfortable and protected while you explore Hawaii’s waters. Whether you’re a seasoned water sports enthusiast or just looking to dip your toes in, these water shoes are sure to enhance your Hawaii vacation experience.

Grab your favorite pair and catch the flight to your dream Hawaii vacation.