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Top 5 Best Snorkel Mask for Large Faces 2023

Look here at the Top 5 Best Snorkel Masks for Large Faces 2023.

Snorkeling is one of the most fascinating and satisfying experiences that any diver can have in the underwater world. 

Scuba MaskBrandExpert RatingPrice
ScubaMax Oversize Abaco
Scubapro Synergy 2 Twin
Oceanic Shadow
Tusa M100 Freedom HD
Promate Ocean

Discovering the wonderful underwater world will not be as mesmerizing when you don’t have your snorkel mask. 

With that said, you need a snorkel mask to enjoy the mesmerizing marine life. 

Unfortunately, because you have a large face your forehead hurts.

Isn’t it a shame if you missed any of it due to your uncomfortable head masks and foggy lenses? Definitely, you wouldn’t want that to happen. 

Nevertheless, you will find and wear larger face masks than the average person has. But keep in mind that no matter the big or large mask you have. It will not be the reason to get you away from having the happiest vacation. 

Although, finding the best snorkel masks is not easy because of the many choices. But don’t worry, I will help you to pick out the best snorkel masks that will suit you. 

These dive masks were hand-picked for their quality, usability, and ergonomic highlights. It will guarantee that your next scuba or swimming excursion is a triumph. 

Read on and you’ll find out the best snorkel masks for large faces. 

Top 5 Best Snorkel Mask for Large Faces 2020

Why Do You need to Use Snorkel Masks? 

The snorkel mask is the part of snorkeling gear that shields your eyes and nose from coming seawater, and it should empower the greatest permeability.

The traditional snorkel mask appears as though a wide pair of goggles with a silicone nose spread, yet increasingly modern designs presently highlight a one-piece, full-face spread with the snorkel coordinated at the top.

Notwithstanding the structure you’d like, you ought to pick a snorkel mask that fits cozily over your face. And it doesn’t push down over your eyes and nose.  

A snorkel is a thing that empowers swimmers to inhale through their mouths. In some cases, by sucking in air from the surface.

In the event that you’ve never gone swimming, you may need to figure out how to time your puffs.

However, it’ll be simple once you become acclimated to it. If you’re picking a two-piece or mask set rather than the full-face type, ensure that the snorkel is safely joined to the mask lash.

You should check if the snorkel appears to be unreasonably long for you, because snorkel on the more extended side may make it harder for you to inhale easily. 

Top 5 Best Snorkel Mask for Large Faces 2020

Best Way to See the Masks Fit Your Face Properly 

  • Ensure all hair is out of the cover. Breathe in through your nose somewhat until you feel the cover hold your face.
  • Hold the masks to your face without protecting them with the ties.
  • Breathe in through your nose a bit until you feel the cover hold your face. 
  • On the off chance that it fits you, you will have the option to discharge the veil and it should remain set up without the lashes and your hands. 
  • On the off chance that the cover doesn’t remain set up or you can’t get a decent hold while breathing in through your nose, at that point the veil doesn’t fit you appropriately and the time has come to attempt an alternate one. 

Things to Considered Before Buying Snorkel Mask 

Safety Glass  

Plastic masks will tend to mist up effectively and they can ruin your swimming or snorkeling outing. By chance that you pick normal glass, this can be extremely unsafe if something happens under the water.

In the event that you pick ordinary glass, you won’t have the option to utilize your mask for snorkeling as the weights can make this glass split and break under the water. Tempered glass is your most secure alternative. 

Encased Nose 

Regardless of whether you are utilizing your mask for snorkeling or diving. Ensure that it has an encased nose, inside the eye sockets.

Along these lines, it is simpler to level on the off chance that you are going beneath the surface.

Likewise keep you from breathing in any water in through your nose while snorkeling. 

Low Volume 

Low volume covers will in general sit nearer to your face and decrease the measure of drag in the water.

Nonetheless, some of the time divers may require a bigger volume mask, so pick the one that best suits you. Low volume covers are likewise simpler to clear when under the water. 

Feathered, Double Skirt Seal  

This is the seal around the mask. Ensure that whichever cover you pick, has this element as this will incurably dependable.

With regards to spilling and will be progressively comfortable against your face. 

Shaped Lens Panel  

When picking a mask, you should consider the amount of sea you might want to see. In case you’re planning to have the fringe vision to perceive if what is happening around you.

Shape lens panel is perfect for you; as this will enable you to see side to side just as here and there. 

Wide Head Strap with Touch Adjustment Buckles  

A mask that should fit around your head comfortably and it should also be adjustable. 

Top 5 Best Snorkel Mask for Large Face 


OUR TOP PICK: ScubaMax Oversize Abaco

Product Name: ScubaMax Oversize Abaco

Product Description: One of the best snorkel masks for large faces is the Oversize Abaco from ScubaMax. This mask is intended to give you a bit of breathing room and air bubble room underwater.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Wide Design
  • Double Seal For Watertight Fit


Overall, the extra-wide plan of this mask joined with a mind-boggling field of view. Which makes the Abaco outstanding amongst other diving or snorkeling mask for enormous or large faces. 


✔️The widest view of all masks

✔️Tempered safety glass lenses

✔️One lens oversize design


❌None so far


Scubapro Synergy 2 Twin

This Scuba mask is amazing in the solace division since it utilizes Tru-Fit skirts innovation, which is really two skirts.  

This permits the principal skirt to offer a slim, delicate silicone material that improves fit, seals and offers advantageous help. As well as unbending nature to keep the masks set up during the diving or snorkeling.  

By testing, you can feel the best present with other snorkeling masks. As it holds the weight on the face without hurting or being ungainly. It will genuinely make you feel the underwater world. 

Another significant part of the Synergy 2 Twin is its utilization of the twofold focal point. Being of low volume, it favors the clearness of the visual field, improving the diving or snorkeling experience. 

In spite of the fact that this element unmistakably improves its exhibition,. It has different determinations that make its utilization a joy. This is ideal for little and larger faces.  

As a way to deal with energize packaging and improve the grasping structure. The smart release fastens are kept inside the ribs of the skirt as opposed to the edge.

Additionally, its packaging is painted with a sprinkler to give a mind-blowing look and top quality.  

To worsen the circumstance, your presentation comes in different tones so you can pick the one that best suits you. A segment of the judgments combines extra decorations. For some instance, the snorkel tube, make the thing significantly increasingly complete. 

✔️Clear Tempered Glass Lens ✔️Double Silicone Skirt ✔️Big and Easy to Use
. ❌Mask somewhat larger than other models, which may hinder maneuverability in smaller spaces .

Oceanic Shadow

If you choose from many masks, and it generally appears that the inflexible edge is diving straight into your brow or cheekbone. At that point the Shadow is actually what you need.

This one of a kind masks are completely frameless. It does not have the extreme plastic or metal spine that lets most masks keep their shape.

This implies that the mask will twist and flex in the circular segment to the bends of your face. It is completely great on the off chance that you have bigger face than most!  

Oceanic additionally gives another gesture to comfort with the neoprene head lash makes the Shadow extravagant and very comfortable.

This is unquestionably the ideal mask; of those head, lashes is perpetually squeezing or aggravating in the back of their head. 

The absence of a casing additionally implies that this mask; can pack down practically level for; venturing out to your preferred diving or snorkeling goals, or to pack in your snorkeling vest pocket as an extra. 

✔️Soft silicone skirt ✔️Strap is built in with Neoprene band ✔️No light leakage
. ❌Lenses fog easily .

Tusa M100 Freedom HD

Tusa has stuffed their M1001 Freedom HD Mask with insightful and successful highlights to ensure you have the most comfortable fit.

The silicone fixing skirt is the part that fits pleasant and cozy around your eyes. It is uncommonly delicate and has adjusted edges to forestall squeezing and shield water from leaking in.  

Proceeding with this pattern of comfort, the head lash that goes around the rear of your head is the part in the center and exceptionally wide. This diminishes the weight on the rear of your head and furthermore forestalls squeezing.

The clasps where this head lash connects to the cover. Additionally swivel 180 degrees, permitting you to locate the ideal fitting position.  

This joined with a decent wide plan and roomy nose pocket makes it more delightful to wear even to if your head is on the greater side.

We in this manner wholeheartedly suggest this as extraordinary compared to other snorkeling and diving mask for large faces. 

✔️Large Nose Pocket ✔️Many Different Color Options ✔️Easily Adjustable Head Strap
. ❌Lenses fog .

Promate Ocean Owl

Top 5 Best Snorkel Mask for Large Faces 2020

For bigger face divers out there, Promate planned the Ocean Owl mask just for you.

The extra-wide structure consummately obliges your facial features. While the delicate silicone fixing skirt which lounges around your eyes is especially comfortable. 

This fixing skirt likewise incorporates a twofold edged structure. Which advances better fixing regardless of whether your face has bigger or progressively characterized highlights.  

We’re additionally, extremely satisfied with the turning clasps for the head lash; that lets you change it into the perfect position limiting squeezing and pressure focuses.  

These comfort themed highlights are supplemented by a phenomenal field of view. So, you don’t miss any of the subsea activity, and a smooth low-volume configuration to constrain overabundance bulk. The outcome?

An unfathomably balanced mask that flawlessly fits similarly adjusted on to your larger face; to make your underwater ventures a squeeze free encounter, and tight-free experience. 

✔️Extra Wide Design ✔️Oversized Sealing Skirt For Better Comfort ✔️Comfortable Sealing Skirt
. ❌Doesn’t seal well .

Final Words 

Snorkel Masks is one of the most important gear that snorkelers need to have to their underwater adventures. 

There are many snorkel masks offer out there whether on the store or online shops. 

However, with much of this significant number of; assortments, shapes, sizes, and hues on offer. How did you know which one is directly for you? 

Learning the various parts of a mask and how you can utilize them to your face is very important.

The general purpose of a mask is to give solace, security and clear vision once you go into the water.  

Therefore, I recommend that you must consider this Top 5 Best Snorkel Mask for Large Faces that for sure will suit you perfectly. 

There is no doubt that this mask will make you have a wonderful and unforgettable experience into your underwater adventure 

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