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Summer is right around the corner, and most of us are craving outdoor activities. One of my personal favorite summertime activities is going to the beach with a group of friends. A few of my friends aren’t diverse but love the sea nonetheless. We usually love to go snorkeling because it is a fun low-skill activity that we can enjoy together with very little preparation. All we need is our U.S. divers snorkel set, and we’re all set.

U.S. Divers Store
U.S. Divers Store
U.S. Divers Store

If you haven’t tried snorkeling yet and you’re shopping around for snorkeling gear, you’ll probably come across the US Divers brand. They have been manufacturing a variety of swimming and snorkeling equipment for over half a century, and the current brand name “US Divers” is used as a trademark for their line of snorkeling gear.

They offer the convenience of ordering a snorkel set package deal with all the gear you need for a wonderful snorkeling experience. These are my personal reviews of three snorkeling gear swim sets from the US Divers Store on Amazon.

I have tried to give my objective opinion after trying them out separately (that was a great week at the beach), and I will give recommendations on which is the best U.S. divers snorkel set of the three by the end of this article. All three U.S. divers sets are relatively affordable and within the same price range.


#1 Lux Set Compatible with GoPro Camera

OUR #1 CHOICE :: Lux Set Compatible with GoPro Camera

Product Name: Lux Set Compatible with GoPro Camera

Product Description: This set includes snorkeling goggles, a dry top snorkel, a pair of open-heel fins for your feet, and a travel bag. It isn’t a bad set to own, but it can be a hit or miss due to minor design flaws.

Brand: U.S. Divers

Offer price: $$$

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • SNORKEL MASK - 8/10
  • SNORKEL - 10/10
  • SWIM FINS - 9/10
  • TRAVEL BAG - 10/10


Snorkeling Mask: 8/10

The mask has a wide panoramic view with a medium internal volume. Its lenses are tempered glass, and the skirt is made of hypoallergenic silicone. It promises a lot and delivers on most of those promises. I was disappointed with the lack of anti-fog coating, but the mask fit me perfectly, and the seal was kept intact for the majority of my time in the water. One of my friends with more petite facial features wasn’t so lucky and had to keep purging the mask. Luckily, it comes with a soft purge valve, so all it took was a forceful exhalation to clear out the water collected inside the mask. We tried readjusting the mask several times, with no improvement.

The lenses stayed clear, but only because we used toothpaste (an old diver’s trick). They give a wide, unobstructed view, so we were happy overall.

Snorkel: 10/10

I found it to be a tough and sturdy snorkel. The ergonomic mouthpiece was comfortable enough and didn’t cause any jaw fatigue. My friends and I dove using the snorkel to test how dry it was and were pleasantly surprised to find that the valve worked perfectly every time. There was no water getting in the snorkel, no matter how much we submerged the top of the snorkel. Additionally, the mouthpiece is compatible with the GoPro camera mount, so we could easily take photos and videos of our underwater adventures completely hands-free. It’s a handy feature to have, even for more serious underwater recreational activities such as scuba diving or freediving.

Swim Fins: 9/10

I’m more used to a different kind of swim fins, as I am a freediver/scuba diver. Yet, these were efficient and helped us maneuver the water better. They were comfortable to wear, and the bungee straps seem to be sturdy. I wouldn’t mind using them for more serious underwater sports if I were a beginner.

Travel bag: 10/10

The set comes with a convenient bag to store all of your snorkeling gear, which does the job. It isn’t a complicated item, so I feel no need to elaborate.

#2 Dorado Snorkeling Set (Kids)

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Getting a snorkeling U.S. divers gear to swim set for kids can be challenging, as they aren’t exactly the best consumers, and there is a lot of guesswork involved in shopping for them. We liked this model, and even the more experienced kids gave positive reviews of these snorkeling gears. This set made for kids includes the same items as the Lux set, albeit sized for children and in colors that appeal to them as well. The set is available in three sizes (small, medium, large).

Snorkeling Mask: 10/10

The most important thing to look for when buying a diving mask for kids is to find the right size. We let kids from three different ages (6, 10, 13) try out this pair of goggles and they were well fitted for all smaller faces.

According to US Divers, they’ve specially designed the masks silicone skirt to better wrap around children’s faces and keep it sealed tightly. The kids could adjust the quick-release buckled on their own, which is always a win.

Snorkel: 10/10

It was lightweight and made of solid materials, so we expect the snorkel will survive the summer with the kids without much damage (but who knows, they might lose it.) the mouthpiece was significantly smaller than adult-sized snorkels. We didn’t receive any complaints from the kids. They loved exploring underwater freely without worrying about water in the snorkel tube. In short, we can say that it did the job it advertised.

Swim Fins: 9/10

We didn’t have kids whining about the fins, straps, and foot sizes after 10 minutes. Instead, they put on the fins and kept them on for the entirety of our time in the water. The buckles are easy to deal with, and the vented blades helped our shorter swimmers keep up with the adults. In my book, that’s proof enough that they were getting more power from their kicks due to efficiency and reduced drag. The sizes fit reasonably well, and the fin blades felt sturdy and durable enough to withstand prolonged use.

Travel bag

Although there is nothing particularly special about a travel mesh bag, I thought it was worth mentioning that the kids thought they looked cool. If the kids like it, I’m sold.

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#3 Cozumel Snorkeling Set

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This set is priced higher than the others I’ve reviewed, and it came with high-quality items that supposedly have superior performance. I judged these items with the advertised quality in mind, and I also considered the price. While I consider it an excellent set to own, I don’t think the items are worth the price tag. The U.S. divers branding has a lot more to do with the price of these products than their supposed superior quality. The set comes in a variety of colors to cater to your preferences.

Cozumel Snorkeling Mask: 7/10

It boasts tempered glass with anti-fog coating on two window goggles with a wide panoramic view. While that’s all good and true, the seal was not sufficient, in my opinion, and it doesn’t look like the strap was sturdy enough to withstand repeated use. I believe that comfort was placed ahead of quality when making this mask, and it shows. The only thing I really liked about the mask was the lenses, which are rendered useless due to the poor design of the surrounding frame.

Seabreeze Snorkel: 8/10

On the other hand, the snorkeling gear was solid, and the one-way valve worked fine. The tube was kept dry using the added help from the splash guard. Also, the mouthpiece was generally comfortable and ergonomic as advertised. Although the snorkel did what it was meant to, I don’t see any difference between this model and cheaper models, and that deducts a point, in my opinion.

Proflex Dual Fins: 9/10

These snorkeling gear swim fins were the start of this set, as they can even be considered for serious underwater sports, albeit more suitable for beginners. These fins are on the larger side, with vents to help increase efficiency even further. They are comfortable, made with soft silicone, and the closed heel design was not constricting and fit my size (and my friends’) well enough.

I love using these on a beach date or vacation in Hawaii and might even use them regularly for other surface or underwater recreational activities. They add power to my kicks and quickly increase my swimming fun and efficiency by 20-25%. Even if you don’t want to get the Cozumel set, these fins are worth checking out for your diving/snorkeling needs/surface.

Travel bag

The adjustable bag was the same type provided for the Dorado line, albeit slightly more significant. It does the job, looks good, and dries quickly. That means you don’t need to worry about mildew or other nasty growth on your gear, which is especially important for snorkeling.

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Overall, I liked the lux set most  It is affordable and exceeds the expectations for its price point. All three sets are great for medium-level snorkeling, and some of the products listed can even be used for more serious underwater activities.

I hope that the review of my popular posts helped shine some light on the different features and drawbacks of these three sets by U.S Divers. Somehow, it should enable you to make a more informed purchase for your snorkeling needs.

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