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7 Tips About How to Connect Snorkel to Mask

You don’t have to be a scuba-diving expert to connect a snorkel to a mask. An average snorkeler can attach the snorkel to a diving mask without any fuss, with few secrets of our own shared with you in this how-to guide.

Researching the ocean floor has always been one of the main interests of mankind, and true professionals have invested hours of both physical and psychical exercise, so prowess is achieved. Sadly, we humans can’t breathe under the water. Nevertheless, an amateur swimmer can also be interested in exploring the ocean without hitting the deeps. For such enthusiasts, snorkeling masks complete all the hard work, breathing underwater.

Children can do it too. Snorkeling is a lot easier than scuba diving and doesn’t require much preparation and equipment. All you need is a bit of enthusiasm and desire to see all that the underwater landscape hides and a couple of pieces of equipment, which includes a snorkel mask, the snorkel, and the snorkel fins.

If you mount the snorkel incorrectly, this will affect your time spent underwater negatively; thus, you should read down further to connect the snorkel properly. Unhindered breathing is the one thing you want when you enter the water, correctly?

You need to complete a few steps before the snorkel is connected to the mask, and we will share all of them with you.

1.Put on the Mask

To decide where to attach a snorkel to the mask, you will first need to put a mask on as if you are ready to snorkel. Secure the mask to suit the best and encompass your face.

2.Put the Mouthpiece Into Your Mouth

Check out how the mouthpiece feels in your mouth. Make sure that the mouthpiece is comfortably placed in your mouth, ensuring it is placed correctly before you go into the water.

3.Check the Position of the Snorkel Tube

Once you get accustomed to a snorkel in your mouth, the next thing you need to do is find the perfect position for the snorkel tube so it stays above the water and enables you to breathe safely under the water. It is one of the most important things, and you must ensure the snorkel tube is in the right position and to do that, you should start the dry snorkeling and see if the airways are clear.

You can attach the snorkel to either side of your mask if you are a snorkeler, while the scuba-divers should keep the snorkel on the left since the diving pressure regulator is kept on the right side. Once you know this, a snorkel should run up alongside the side of your face at your temple.

4.Snorkel Keeper Ring or Snorkel Keeper Clip

There are two ways of strapping the snorkel and the mask. You can use the snorkel clip or the snorkel ring. Nevertheless, before you decide which connection will you choose, you will need to find where the strap and snorkel touch each other. Keep the mask on your mouth, and once you feel the place where the strap and snorkel meet, you have found the location where you will attach the snorkel.

Now, if you use a snorkel keeper clip, all you need to do is slide the clip to the position where the snorkel and mask strap connects—a perfectly easy action to keep your snorkeling safe.

However, if you opt out for a snorkel keeper ring, you will slide the ring to the position where the snorkel and the mask strap meet. This will ensure the mask strap is connected to the snorkel and in the correct place.

5.Removal of the Mask

When you have found the perfect location to attach the snorkel to the mask, remove the mask from your face by holding the snorkel and the mask at the very spot where the two meet. It is there where you will attach the snorkel. Make sure that whether you are using a clip or a ring, the mask and snorkel are connected properly.

6.Finally Connecting the Snorkel

If you decided on the keeper clip connection, just attach the snorkel to the snorkel keeper clip. As we explained, slide the clip to the connectivity position, and you got a connected snorkel to the mask. A simple quick-release button you find on the snorkel keeper clip will detach the snorkel.

More work awaits you if you have opted for a snorkel keeper ring; take the mask’s strap, put it against the snorkel, and hold it just above the place where the snorkel keeper ring is located. You have another snorkel keeper ring, which is free, and you will need to pull it up to the snorkel and down the tube of the snorkel right and on top of the first ring.

Now, let go of the mask, and when you release the snorkel and the mask, it all should fall into place. If not, make sure to make needed adjustments, though you have already passed the hard part.


Before entering the water, you will need to test your equipment out in the dry. Put the mask back on to your face and put the mouthpiece of the snorkel inside your mouth. Once you did that, start moving your head left and right, up and down, just like if you are in the water. If the snorkel and mask don’t crumble, you have succeeded, and you are free to enter the water.


Connecting the snorkel and the mask is not rocket science, and it can be achieved in several small but important steps. No need to feel frustrated if you are not successful at the first instance, simply follow our guide and in no time you will be ready to explore the ocean floor. You can either attach the snorkel with a clip or a ring and though both ways have their ups and downs, you won’t have problems underwater if you connect it properly.

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