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Top 3 Full Face Scuba Mask With Communications

Top 3 Full Face Scuba Mask With Communications

Mask is the number one item that influences the quality of your scuba diving experience? The item can make or break your diving trips.  

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OTS Spectrum
Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Diver
OTS Guardian FFM

The full face mask has been continuously gaining popularity worldwide. 

The masks offer the divers to breathe through their nose rather than their mouth.  

The idea of having a full-face scuba mask with communications makes your trip more unforgettable. But how will you pick the right full-face masks for you? 

Everybody thinks that buying full-face scuba masks is easy. Because they will just put it on their face, tighten it up, and then they got the masks that fit. 

However, that’s not the right way on how to choose a full face mask. For example, suppose you want a perfect full-face mask with communications. Well, you’re in the right article.

Here, I will be sharing you the top 3 full-face scuba masks with communications. But before that let’s take a look for more information about full-face scuba masks.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.  

Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Full-Face ScubaMask 

If you’re a first-time or experienced diver, purchasing a full-face mask is quite tricky and challenging because of its low quality and high-end quality.

As you want the right one, using a full-face mask is a better alternative. However, some individuals are doubtful about the idea or even raise worries about the security of full-face scuba masks.

So, I have decided to cover the pros and cons of a full-face mask for your scuba diving. 


Great Visibility 

Many mask models offer a curved lens that reaches out behind your eye and can give you a consistently clear 180-degree view.

The casing seals behind your vision line, implying that you don’t have a casing that modifies your view.

Water barrier 

The covers seal around your whole face, which diminishes the opportunity of water getting into the mask when you grin.

The back tie holds the cover set up on your head. It allows you to move uninhibitedly and take one breeze and waves without losing the mask.

Natural Breathing 

While utilizing a full-face mask, you can breathe in and breathe out through either your nose or mouth. Regular breathing helps you keep quiet and progressively loose in the water.

The nonattendance of a mouthpiece likewise makes expanded swimming progressively open, permitting you to swim longer.

Anti-fog Breathing Circulation 

Since it’s a high-quality full-face mask, it doesn’t easily get fogged, not unlike the regular full face scuba masks.

They feature a double vent framework that allows the air to flow inside, preventing fogging.

The way it was designed. So whenever you breathe in, the air from the surface air valve comes down to the face masks and goes across the eye first and down to the mouth.

So, the new air coming in and going across the glass always makes sure that this never fogs.

No Jaw Weariness 

Since most of the full-face mask doesn’t have a mouthpiece that you have to chomp onto, swimming for broadened timeframes turns out to be more comfortable.

This is particularly valid on the off chance that you have issues with sore jaws or mouth from clutching the snorkel.


The full-face mask is comfortable to wear; you can feel that you can go snorkeling or scuba diving for an extended period. 

Wearing a full-face mask also give you the feeling of; being separated from the ocean as you can’t taste any salt on your lips.

It gives you a sense of comfort when you feel cozy and snug on your face. But, on the other hand, it might need the insulated feeling that even you’re out of the ocean, seeing everything, you will not feel exposed to any of those elements.


Wearing the mask will allow you to talk with your mouth underwater.

It’s exciting to talk underwater, especially if you’re snorkeling or scuba diving next to your friends with full face dive masks. You can keep your face underwater and talk to someone close to you unlike a traditional mask. They can understand you, and you can understand them. 


False Sense of Security 

Despite that, the full face dive mask can make you feel comfortable out in the water.

There is the possibility that you can forget about the inherent dangers of scuba diving and being out in the ocean. 

Also, it looks goofy and nerdy space marine life.

Hard to Dive 

Wearing full face masks won’t allow you to dive deeply into the water. 

Yes, you might dive down and equalize, but you could not add pressure around your eyes unlike scuba masks.

So, once you go down, the full face dive mask starts to crush on your face, squeeze your eyeballs, and you can’t do anything about it.

The masks won’t allow you to dive deeper than five feet, for deeper diving regular scuba masks would be more appropriate.

Hard to Remove 

You can’t remove it or take it off fast, not unlike the traditional face masks.

Since the masks have the most challenging thing; in the back of the head and it is not easy to rip the masks off. The release button is also hard to find making some questions whether that makes face scuba masks safe.

The result is when you’re in an emergency; it would be tough to take off the full face diving mask, especially when you panicking or weren’t thinking clearly.

Change of Failure 

All the minor parts could fail or wear out in the future. Many full face scuba masks could fail or probably; will fail eventually, and the band can be worn out especially an ocean reef mask.

Overall, it’s pretty fancy, but that means; it’s more to break, wear out, and fail you when you are out of the ocean trying to enjoy an ocean reef.

Safety Concerns 

A few users have voiced concerns about the security of full-face swimming masks.

The contention is that because of the enormous dead airspace in the tube and the full face masks. As a result, there could be a development of carbon dioxide in the cover. This could prompt the user to get bewildered, more fragile, and conceivably pass out from full face scuba masks.

A few makers must indicate that their masks are not intended to be utilized for work out. 

However, for easygoing swimming, as it were. They do caution that you won’t have the option to get enough oxygen from the surface air valve; on the off chance that you wear one while practicing seriously enough to need to inhale through your mouth and the ability of mask clearing.

Top 3 Full Face Scuba Mask with Communications 



Product Name: OTS Guardian FFM

Product Description: The Guardian Full Face Mask is comfortable and is easy to use for anyone and beginner recreational divers. The low-profile visor ensures great visibility. The ABV valve helps preserve your air when on the surface. As a result, diving becomes effortless, especially in cold water or over an ocean reef. It will help keep your face warm and breathe out your nose, and it will help you keep from getting a dry throat, which is typical for divers who have long-duration dives. The best thing about this item is that it can give you clear communication with your buddy divers.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to Equalize
  • Visibility
  • Underwater Communication


This is our top pick because it offers a great combination between the features and the cost. It is a strong and high-quality mask that can fit many people that offer good visibility and clear communications underwater. In addition, its ABV valve makes it more amazing as the other masks list above lacks. Overall, the ability to breathe through your nose is something that divers will quickly love it. We believe that the OTS Guardian offers everything that most scuba divers need, and is well worth the money.


✔️Comfortable and is easy to use

✔️Designed with a double seal

✔️Provides great visibility and clear communications


❌None so far


Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Diver

Top 3 Full Face Scuba Mask With Communications

The Ocean REEF Neptune Space G. Diver Integrated Diving Full Face Scuba Masks are a very comfortable recreational full face diving mask that joins your essential second-stage regulator with a coordinated cover. 

The advantages of utilizing full face masks incorporate security against cold water and the alternative of submerged interchanges.

Far-reaching Double S Skirt seals delicately against your face to keep your face dry during your diving.

The Double S Skirt cries, making a spring Premium evaluation silicone elastic makes a comprehensive 30-45mm seal all around the face to keep the air in and water out.

Keeping your face dry during a dive is particularly helpful in chilly water to protect your face. 

The full face mask rarely fogs up because the entire masks are ceaselessly being presented to natural air from your cylinder.

You can disregard complex cover clearing strategies, for any water that enters your full face dive masks gather at the bottom and is ousted after each breath.

The subsequent stage is incorporated with the full face masks. So, there are no mouthpieces that you need to chomp down on. So, you can breathe and talk through your nose if you prefer.

Six Point Strap gives a thorough hang on your head with fast discharge flips at the base. However, your cover won’t be removed effectively by your mate’s balance in light of the springy skirt and six-point lash.

This framework conveys the weight equitably over the seal for an uncompromising stance while allowing the full face dive mask to glide over your face. 

Double Side Ports consider customization by including adornments, for example, Surface Air Valves and Underwater Communications. 

✔️Adjustable Airflow ✔️Anti-Fog ✔️ Keeps face dry and warm
. ❌Surface valve has some minor issues. . .

OTS Guardian FFM

Top 3 Full Face Scuba Mask With Communications

Ocean Technology System or OTS started in the scuba industry about 30 years ago as they are serving recreational Public Safety and Government Dive. 

The OTS Guardian FFM has sold pretty much every kind of Full-Face Dive Mask available. However, there is no doubt that they can easily see that there’s something much better for scuba masks.

Thus, OTS planned the Guardian Full Face Mask. A typical issue with most FFM available today is the seal.

The absence of a decent seal makes the divers’ use; air snappier and can meddle with the diver’s capacity to hear if utilizing submerged interchanges. 

Given that, the GFFM was planned around a twofold seal taking into account the solace of both small and large faces. Equalization is a test for all full-face covers; one size doesn’t fit all. 

So, as to guarantee everybody can equalize, they have assembled an Equalizing Kit, which accompanies all Guardian full-face masks. The pack comprises two bases. 

One is a standard size with no openings. It very well may be balanced up or down to fit as essential. The other base has two openings, which take into account diverse size cushions that can be included.

The Guardian’s low profile face mask permits heavenly permeability. Moreover, its effectively removable second-stage regulator works extraordinary for capacity and simple support. 

The Ambient Breathing Valve permits the client to inhale surrounding air at the surface air valve, moderating your air supply. It is easy to utilize, and its position of safety keeps it off the beaten path. 

Customizable head lashes with robust equipment make this veil what it is, essentially the best. We have additionally incorporated a full-face mask pack. 

The face dive mask pack was intended to help keep your mask in the privileged drying position, shielding water from pooling in your second stage controller.

Likewise, the full face dive mask has vents to keep excellent ventilation, assisting with; halting buildup and channel openings to let water channel away from the mask and loads of capacity pockets. 

✔️Can be used with underwater communication ✔️Comfortable and is easy to use ✔️Designed with a double seal
. ❌The equalizing tab is a bit uncomfortable compared to the other brands. . .


Full face diving masks are nice, comfortable, and fun to wear alternative to a traditional mask. Many people, especially divers, might hate using full face masks and prefer a scuba mask, but others do like it too.

Most people love it because of the fantastic features of communication it has. Talking with your diving buddy will make your diving adventure more exciting as you can talk underwater.

However, because you can’t remove or take it off many full face diving masks quickly, many divers won’t recommend purchasing it as it is not safe to use for them. If you do purchase a full face scuba mask it’s important to practice your regulator recovery techniques.

So, the best thing you can do is; choose high-quality full-face masks and learn how to use them properly, especially if you’re recreational divers.

It all depends upon you to gauge all the upsides and downsides of utilizing a full-face scuba mask and choose if you need to check out it or stick with a snorkel combo or classic masks.

The most important thing is the comfort you will feel in the water wearing a scuba mask.

If you have any contemplations, you’d prefer to share related to the full-face scuba masks with communications. Leave us a comment below. 

Have fun and safe scuba diving adventures!