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The Dragon Touch 4K Camera: Full Review

Before buying any form of scuba diving tech, it is vital that you look at what each device is capable of and that the tech is compatible with a diver’s lifestyle. In particular, Diving cameras must be waterproof and resilient to damages so that they can be used for many years before requiring a replacement. The Dragon Touch 4K camera is a great example of one of the best and most recent developments in scuba diving technology and would be perfect for any diver, no matter their skill level. Taking a camera when you dive is essential if you want to capture images of the underwater world. It is better to have a camera accessible in the eventuality that you see something amazing on a dive than to be in a situation where you are unable to capture many great moments.  

As mentioned previously, researching your scuba technology before you buy it is essential if you want to end up with a high-quality product. This doesn’t just apply to scuba cameras so why not look into the top 5 automatic dive watches for less than $500 and see what other devices are available to make your diving life easier. Choosing the right diving camera for your specific needs can be a tough decision, which is why it is vital that you look into what is currently available on the market and whether or not it would be suitable for the type of diving you are going to be doing.  

If you are someone who will be taking part in super deep dives, it would be highly recommended to look for a camera that can withstand the pressure and water damage caused in these situations. The technology that has been developed in recent years towards providing divers with tech solutions and portable technology that can be brought on dives is truly unique. Camera technology is now available that is purposely designed to withstand large amounts of water without causing damage and affecting the camera quality. The Dragon Touch 4K camera is no exception. It features some of the eBay technology within its design.  



When looking at this innovative device’s performance quality, it is hard not to be impressed with what it is capable of. This camera features 4K ultra HD recording and picture quality. It also has great image stability to help avoid shaky pictures and improve camera clarity. This combination of high-quality camera technology means that even though this device is primarily used in an underwater setting, the quality of images that users are given is not sacrificed at all. Many other underwater cameras have issues with the lenses clouding over and having a lower camera quality than expected. The Dragon Touch provides the opposite experience, and the camera quality is comparable to other standard cameras currently on the market. 

This camera is very waterproof, and the chances of finding faults caused by water damage are very minimal, thanks to the inclusion of a tightly sealed plastic casing. The included case is great at protecting the camera from wear and tear damage. The fact that it can withstand up to thirty meters of water, the camera also comes with a warranty covering it for water damage in the unlikely event that something is wrong with the device.  

One of the main advantages of using a camera of this caliber when you dive is that it records your dive moments with ease. This allows the user to be in the moment and take in the experience rather than capture it. This also adds the element of surprise to sitting and watching the footage back when you return from your dive. Another great use of the camera would be to use any of your recorded footage to look at aspects of the dive that need improvement. For amateur divers having high-quality footage available to watch can greatly improve your diving skills, such as learning how to ascend properly and watching back how well you can use underwater hand signals with your fellow divers.  


Aesthetics and Design  

The Dragon Touch camera comes fully equipped with a sleek black design and clear protective casing. The device is very small, so it attaches to your diving equipment with limited noticeability or interference whilst diving. The great thing about this camera is that it comes with a remote control that can be used while underwater with much more convenience when you compare it to other diving cameras’ functionality.  

The camera can be attached to your wetsuit or equipment thanks to the easy to use a mounting clip, with the small remote control that allows the user to control the camera without touching the actual camera. The device can be placed in the best location to get the best pictures rather than attach it somewhere that is more accessible. This is a very innovative design feature that allows divers to focus on the experience that comes with diving rather than trying to get the best shot. This camera is suitable for a wide range of sporting situations, including bike riding and rock climbing, due to the easy mounting accessories that are included with this device, so it is definitely one to recommend to your friends who are in the market to buy a new camera for recording on the go.


Value For Money? 

The fact that this camera has many different uses and is available at a much lower price than that of their main competition within the industry makes this device one of the most value for money diving cameras currently available for purchase. It is not very commonly seen for a camera of this price point to be so functional and high quality, with high levels of waterproof protection and a very high-quality camera that has the ability to produce high definition images, it is clear that buying this device would be a right decision. Normally for a camera of this quality and with the image quality that it provides, you would expect to pay significantly more than what the Dragon Touch retails for. The fact that it is so affordable without sacrificing the product quality is a sign that the brand can be trusted to provide high-end standard technology without the high-end price tag.  



This camera is fully equipped with full Wi-Fi capabilities so that any data can easily be transferred to your other devices for viewing and editing, as well as an SD card reader for those of you that prefer to use an SD card for transferring and storing your content. The fact that the connectivity options are so varied only shows how versatile this small camera can be. With the option to also expound the storage capabilities using an SD card, you can be sure that you will be able to store a large amount of content on this camera without moving everything after every recording session.  The internet capabilities are also very nice to see, especially for a device that is so small and affordable as you are getting the latest technology for such an affordable price.  


Portability and Durability  

As previously mentioned, this camera is very small, making it perfect for diving and other sporting activities. It can be attached to your body without causing any serious interference to what you are doing. Some cameras are made to be attached to a specific body part. Hence, the fact that this camera is able to be attached wherever you want it on your body is definitely an aspect that sets this camera apart from its competition. The resistant plastic casing that surrounds this camera is waterproof up to thirty meters and highly damage-resistant. Smaller devices are normally very susceptible to damage, so removing a heavy-duty plastic case to protect from dropping the camera is a very positive thing.  


Should You Buy This Camera? 

Overall, this camera would be a great purchase for anyone looking for a durable, portable device and able to record high-quality footage. This camera is very waterproof, so it would be great for divers to capture any wildlife they see underwater. The easy-to-use mounting clip that can be used to attach the camera wherever you want makes this camera extremely convenient. This device is definitely value for money as it is significantly more affordable than other competing devices on the market. With extra advanced camera features, the camera is suitable for a range of different photo opportunities. With so much versatility in one small package, it really is a no-brainer that you should buy this camera rather than an alternative model that lacks the Dragon Touch 4K camera’s functionality.