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Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard Review

Have you ever thought of how you can elevate your swimming experience? Swimming is fun, but what can you do to take that fun to the next level? Let me introduce you to the Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard.

The kickboard is a water device that is fun for the whole family and makes your pool or beach trips more entertaining. So, what exactly makes the Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard stand out? Let’s find out!

Features of the Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard

These are the features that make the Asiwo Mako kickboard stand out:


1.   Incredible Buoyancy

Finding water equipment that keeps you buoyant while in the water can be difficult, but the Asiwo Mako kickboard solves that problem. The kickboard can hold up to 265 lbs or 120 kg of weight, making it perfect for use with heavier people.

It uses advanced buoyancy technology to ensure you always float on the water. The wide weight range makes it a perfect tool for everyone in the family. It is even more suitable for younger children who might need more help floating, as it will ensure they do not sink in the water.


2.   Different Gear Speeds

Your dreams of zooming through the water are brought to life with the kickboard. It has three gear speeds that allow you to propel in the water, depending on your comfort. You can adjust the speeds, which go to a maximum of 1.5m/s, to suit your needs, something even little children can enjoy.

The different gear speeds make using the kickboard for competitive propelling even more fun. You can use it to play different water games, using the kickboard as an advantage.


3.   Long Battery Life

The 36V 2.5Ahh lithium-ion battery ensures a long running time. The battery cells give you up to an hour of propelling on a single charge. The different speed modes determine how long the battery lasts:

  • 60 minutes on slow mode
  • 30 minutes on middle mode, and
  • 18 minutes on fast mode

You get to decide how fast you want to go, which will help you determine how fast the battery charges. You also don’t have to worry about being out of the water for long. The kickboard’s quick charging time will have you back in the water within 3-4 hours. Charge it before setting out to the beach or pool for unlimited water time.


4.   Lightweight Design

Nobody wants heavy equipment while in the water as this can interfere with your buoyancy. You don’t have to worry about that with this kickboard, which weighs only 5.7 lbs. It is designed to be lightweight so that you don’t feel like you are carrying a large weight with you.

The lightweight design also makes it perfect for the younger ones as they will not have problems maneuvering it. This also makes it portable and easy to transport to and from the pool or beach. The compact design also makes for easy storage, so you can carry and store the kickboard out of the way without taking up too much space.


5.   Powerful Propeller

The kickboard has a 36V 300W propeller that makes for great thrust in the water. This, together with the different speed modes, makes moving through the water faster than ever. The thrust goes up to 19.84 lbs or 9kg, propelling you through the water at incredible speeds.

The kickboard also has water-resistance features that make moving in the water even faster. You don’t have to fight the water while using it; the hydrodynamic design makes it possible for you to enjoy seamless propulsion.

Why Choose the Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard

Some of the things that make the Asiwo Mako electric kickboard a worthy expense include:


1.   Durable Material

The Asiwo Mako electric kickboard is made of strong polypropylene, a strong plastic material that allows it to withstand water pressure. You can use your kickboard at high speeds for a long time without fear of it breaking down. The material also makes it perfect for long-term use.


2.   Perfect for All Ages

You don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety with this kickboard, as it is designed for use by everyone. Its lightweight design makes it easy for children to control, and the buoyancy enables them to stay afloat even in deep water.


3.   Safety Measures

The kickboard’s edges are rounded to prevent injuries during use. The propeller system is also fully encased, preventing possible injuries. It also has an automatic shut-off system that automatically turns the propulsion off if someone lets the kickboard go accidentally. This ensures that the device doesn’t continue running on its own.


4.   Affordable

The kickboard is packed full of excellent features that make your water adventures fun, all at an affordable price. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself, and the Asiwo Mako electric kickboard is an excellent example.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can children use the Asiwo Mako kickboard in the ocean/ sea?

Letting your children use the kickboard in a controlled setting, such as a swimming pool, is much safer. Oceans and seas have uncontrollable waves, making it hard for children to control. Only trained people with the right gear should use the kickboard in open water.


Can I use the kickboard in sandy water?

Yes, you can. The kickboard’s motor is sand proof and will not be affected by mud. It will, however, be better to avoid these areas and swim in clear water as much as possible to prevent possible complications.

Will salt ruin my kickboard?

You should not expose the kickboard to salty waters for a long time, as this can ruin the battery. Rinse it every time after using it in salty waters to remove any salt deposition and elongate your kickboard’s life.


Is the kickboard waterproof?

Yes, the kickboard is designed for use in water, so it will not get ruined. It has been tested and approved for continual underwater use. The parts used to make it are all waterproof and can operate to a depth of 164 feet (50 meters).



The Asiwo Mako electric kickboard is one of the best water sports equipment you can get. It features a powerful battery and strong propeller that makes it fun for water sports. It is also durable and has safety measures that ensure you can use it for a long time without problems.

Get an Asiwo Mako electric kickboard today and enjoy a fun pool or beach day for you and your family!

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