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What is SCUBA an Acronym For?

Though a lot of people know about scuba and what scuba diving is, not a lot of people know what SCUBA even stands for. A lot of people also don’t know that SCUBA is an abbreviation for anything at all.  

SCUBA actually stands for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, which may seem a bit confusing to you is surely the main focus of SCUBA is the actual action and not the equipment. The acronym for the activity was actually coined by someone called Dr. Christian Lambertsen in 1954, which really isn’t that long ago.   

Lambertsen had a military background and actually created respirators for use in the war, but discovered they could be used in plenty of other places. SCUBA is actually the military code name for the reliable scuba regulators and masks used. This name just remained popular among the general public and has since been referred to as so.  


 The fact that the name of the sport is named after the equipment, shows just how important the equipment that you use when scuba diving really is for the activity experience. Now, though the initial code name was put into place with specific equipment in mind, as the world of scuba has advanced and developed through the years, the name has actually started to cover a wider range of scuba gear.  


What does scuba gear consist of:


You really can’t have a diving experience without the use of a wetsuit. Though a wetsuit doesn’t really protect you from issues such as low oxygen or poor ventilation, a wet suit does protect you against the harsh pressures of the water.  As humans, we lack the blubber that a lot of sea life has to keep them warm in the water, because of this when submerged to such depths it is easy for us to get cold. Wetsuits help to insulate the body and keep the scuba diver warm, even at the lowest depths. Not only this, but wetsuits can be a protective layer between any potential scratches and nips that could occur underwater.  However, not a lot of people know what to wear under a wetsuit. It is recommended that you just wear any normal swimsuit, as extra lawyers will just make the wetsuit uncomfortable. 


Masks are a crucial piece of equipment when it comes to scuba. Not only do they allow a diver to see what is ahead of them clearly, but they also provide a very important air pocket. Again, this air pocket helps with sight underwater, but it also creates an enclosed space around the nose that helps prevent mask squeeze and encourages equalization.  

Buoyancy devices  

One of the most important aspects of scuba diving is keeping a neutral buoyancy. This helps to keep them in control of where they swim when underwater and also helps them float. Buoyancy is important when ascending back to the surface of the water as when you get deeper in the water, you use more oxygen so it is important to be able to get back to the surface quickly.