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Invicta Pro Diver Review

It’s difficult to imagine a more divisive watch than the Invicta Pro Diver. The design approach of the dial, handset, case, and bracelet unquestionably distinguishes it. While manufacturers such as Omega and Rolex produce beautiful diving watches, they often charge exorbitant prices. The good news is that there are many outstanding timepieces available for less than $100. The Invicta Pro Diver is one of them, and it has a mainly excellent reputation in the watch world.

Specifications of Invicta Pro Diver Watch

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Diameter: 40 millimeters

Depth: 14 millimeters

Band Width: 20 millimeters

Construction: Stainless Steel

Mechanic: Seiko NH35A Automatic

Glass: Mineral Crystal

Resistance in Water: 200 meters


Invicta Pro History

Invicta originated in 1837 as a Swiss watch business. Raphael Picard founded it in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Invicta declared bankruptcy in the early 1980s and was sold to Ondix S.A. in 1983, which proceeded to manufacture Invicta watches in Bielle, although this was short-lived, as Ondix was forced to close owing to poor sales. 

When the brand was purchased by American owners in 1991, Invicta was re-established. While Invicta’s corporate offices are in Hollywood and Florida, the company still manufactures some of its timepieces in Switzerland and labels them as “Swiss Made” on its website. 

In recent years, the business has concentrated on producing large items that have left customers perplexed and disappointed. Various people assumed it would be another blunder, yet it may be the watch that enables them to turn things around when the Pro Diver was announced.

The Details

⚫The Material

The materials used to construct the Invicta Pro Diver are of very high grade. The metal used is strong stainless steel that feels solid when touched. It also boasts a scratch-resistant mineral crystal and a fully efficient bezel. 

It also has exceptional diving qualities, with 200 meters of water resistance and brilliant hands. Overall, the components used in this item are one of the primary reasons why it is such an excellent value.

⚫The Movement 

The pricing people receive is determined by their mobility. The first is mechanical, which Invicta does not manufacture. Instead, they obtain this machinery from Seiko and construct the rest of the item around it. This motion has a 41-hour power replacement and is one of the finest under $100 you can discover.  

The alternative option is a Japanese quartz mechanism, which is even less expensive than the standard type. It’s also quite dependable, albeit most customers prefer the automated mode.

⚫The Design

It’s no surprise that this watch is appealing to the eye. The fact is that it is a tribute to the Rolex Submariner, one of the most renowned watches of all time. Nonetheless, it does not detract from Invicta’s visual qualities. It’s a good size, looks well on a variety of straps, and lets you be as imaginative as you want with the color palette.

⚫The Comfort

When buying a watch, comfort is frequently the last thing on your mind, but it is critical once you start wearing it. Fortunately, the Pro Diver qualifies with the standard. It’s neither too light nor too hefty, and it fits comfortably around your wrist. If you decide to buy it, you should have no problems with it.

⚫The Dial

The pointers are on the tiny side, giving the dial an uneven appearance. The imprinted logo is what stands out on the dial. The Invicta wings and name at midnight expand from the 11 o’clock to the 1 o’clock markers, practically filling the area in between midnight marking and the hand stack. 

The writing at 6 o’clock is typical of a Submariner tribute, consisting of four lines of essentially meaningless data. The hands and indicators are all lume-filled, and the placement of the lume is good. The lume lights brightly during its early bloom but fades quickly.

⚫The Case

The case is when the Pro Diver begins to demonstrate Invicta’s price. The cleaning and polishing of the case are adequate but not exceptional. The shiny sides of the case have a tiny jagged look. However, it is hardly noticeable during typical usage. 

The Invicta phrase carved into the case breaks up the polishing on the left side of the case. The end links were also unsuitable for the case, with one end link having substantial motion. And because the end links are empty, this could potentially be fixed with a few changes to them.

⚫The Bracelet

If you remove the finishing and end link fitting out of the picture, the bracelet itself isn’t too bad. The links are simply changeable and articulate well enough for all-day convenience. They attract scratches and rapidly make the Pro Diver seem worn. 

Given the Pro Diver’s case design, an aftermarket bracelet of any kind could most likely be simply installed. The branded and signed clasp has four micro-adjustment points and is strong enough not to cause any issues.

Pros and Cons

  • It is pretty accurate when it comes to presenting you with a time.
  • It has a striking similarity to a high-end brand, and if you want to seem luxurious without spending a fortune, this is the watch for you.
  • The watch’s mechanics allows for hand-winding.
  • Stable Links are what the bracelet is built from.
  • The scalloped bezel is challenging to turn.
  • The watch’s lume isn’t spectacular. It’s decent but not remarkable.
  • The screw-down crown is a little tough to use. It may take some trial to become used to screwing it securely.

Today’s Invicta Watches

This ambition has led Invicta to create some of the most inexpensive – some could even say affordable  Swiss watches on the market. Many of their watches are under $100, and they come in a combination of designs and proportions to fit almost any preference. However, their normal guarantee is three years, and most of their watches employ superior movements – so they aren’t just disposable watches.

The Pro Diver series is their most successful watch collection. Pro Divers are available in several colors, sizes, and designs. All of the timepieces in the range share Invicta’s dedication to quality and durability. These timepieces, as the name suggests, can be plunged to depths of 300 meters.

These really are self-winding mechanical watches, which means they contain either a traditional Swiss mechanism or a 21-jewel automatic mechanism. The higher the jewel, the greater the precision, and 21-jewel is a large jewel. Invicta delivers a traditional mechanical style for quartz costs with the Pro Diver line.

Are Invicta Timepieces Truly Swiss?

Even though Invicta is proud of its Swiss origins, not all of its timepieces are Swiss on the interior. In truth, while a significant percentage of their production is still done in Switzerland, the bulk of their watches are made in Asia. Also, many of their watches, such as the stainless steel Aviator, forego Swiss watches in favor of Japanese quartz.

Swiss watchmaking has a very specific definition that necessitates an amazing level of meticulousness. A person looking for a Swiss timepiece comprehends that the awareness and workmanship that goes into the watch’s interior structure is more important than timekeeping precision or class.

With their goal statement, Invicta probably aspires to this level of workmanship. To that purpose, they actually offer a line labeled “Swiss Made.” This category contains several of the Pro Diver timepieces. And therein is the rub, since while an Invicta Pro Diver watch may be owned for far less, one from their Swiss Manufactured collection, like the Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Mechanical Watch, will be more expensive.

Does Invicta Make Quality Watches?

In terms of value, they make some of the cheapest watches on the market in designs that, at first look, appear to be similar. The problem of grades is a little hazier. Although Invicta advertises itself as a Swiss watchmaker operating in the Swiss heritage, not every watch in their inventory has Swiss timekeeping. This does not always indicate a decrease in quality. A quartz watch is, in fact, more accurate than a traditional Swiss manual watch. But, based on the pricing from this brand, their watches have great quality and can withstand any water activities, and still work. 

Should You Invest in an Invicta Watch?

It all leans on what you’re looking for. Invicta is not a luxury item watch, so if you prefer a brand to say anything about yourself, they are probably not for you. However, if you want a watch brand that will keep its worth or perhaps rise in value over time, you should consider a more expensive brand. 

Another thing that Invicta has going for it is the company’s lengthy history of creating watches. If you enjoy the aesthetic of Invicta, the watches are often enormous, having unusually big case diameters and thicknesses. In comparison to dress timepieces, which are small and made to glide smoothly beneath a suit sleeve, Invictas appear massive. 

If you’re looking for a low-cost watch but are undecided, Invicta is the brand for you. They use largely gold and silver tones, big bezels, and enormous crowns to achieve that massive, manly style. Of course, again, if that’s the look you’re striving for, Invicta would be a good fit.

Can you Dive while Wearing the Invicta Pro Diver watch?

Don’t worry if you get the watch wet or partially immersed in water. The case back screws down, it screws in, and everything appears to be in good working order in times of fit and quality. So you’ll be fine for swimming or splish-splashing hijinks. 

This watch has been built and intended to resist extreme water conditions. It’s one of those “you get what you pay for” situations at this price range, but if you purposefully place it in a scenario where it will get destroyed, it will. To help you pass it down to generations, you have to take care of it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How precise is the Invicta Pro Diver?

A: When stored, these watches are precise enough, but when worn on the wrist, they lose time at a rate of one to six minutes every day.

Q: Can you compete in a swim with an Invicta Pro Diver?

A: Invicta promotes their Pro Diver watches as “water-resistant” to defined depths and ideal for professional maritime activities and demanding surface water sports.

Q: At what level can Invicta be submerged?

A: Though Invicta claims that their Pro Diver timepieces are water-resistant to a depth of 50 to 300 meters, depending on the model.

Q: Where is the Invicta Pro Diver manufactured? 

A: When the brand was purchased by American owners in 1991, Invicta was re-established. Invicta’s corporate offices are located in Hollywood and Florida.

Q: Are Invicta watches durable?

A: The bulk of Invicta watches examined are made of stainless steel. It is definitely the most popular material in the business.

Q: How long does the battery in an Invicta watch last?

A: A 2.5-year battery life is provided by an Invicta watch. This is the normal battery life of most watch brands, which ranges between 2 and 5 years.

Final Thoughts

 The Invicta Pro Diver is a terrific watch with some excellent features that make it truly unique. For starters, the mechanical movement will keep your watch ticking without losing momentum or becoming erratic. The appealing design created by the Invicta team comes next. 

It’s large yet not overpoweringly so, and it exudes opulence. This model is available in a variety of colors that will look great on your wrist and allow you to use it in both professional and casual settings. It’s also a watch that has everything needed to be a best seller.