Diving for Beginners: 13 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is a Must-Try

Scuba diving, an activity which is already magnificent just by the fact that it literally makes you discover another world, has an astonishingly extensive list of advantages to anyone who decides to try it. Without a doubt, it seems like divers aren’t just in for a visual treat of the biodiversity which the ocean hides deep underneath. Yes, the variety of living things in the ocean is amazing, especially up close. But scuba diving offers a lot more. Scuba diving is a must-try!

Here are the top 13 reasons why scuba diving is really a must-try. If you already tried diving or you are already a regular diver, you already experienced these wonderful things. On the other hand, if you are yet to try it, expect to be mind blown by this list!


Do you know that going underwater would feel like you are back in your mother’s womb? Yes, you read that right! You would feel a bit of what you might be feeling back then where you weren’t yet born into the world. Consequently, diving would give you the sense of security that you felt in the past as an unborn child.

In a sense, it seems like going back to your very beginning; your deepest root. For this reason, diving isn’t just any kind of relaxation. Furthermore, it is a heartwarming experience that would drown you with nostalgia.


Do you know that diving is an intense physical activity which is good for your body? Yes, indeed! Swimming underwater increases your flexibility as well as utilizes all your core muscles. The latter would result into an amazing posture that wouldn’t just make you look good but is spectacular for your health as well.

Have you ever heard of a “swimmer’s body?” If so, have you ever heard how it is deemed as attractive? It is because the pressure underneath the water is too much and working against it really does give the body a good workout. You might not be really going underwater as a swimmer, nonetheless, diving would still require you to swim. You got your workout too!


Diving requires you to breathe slowly to not take up too much of your oxygen too soon. Moreover, breathing slowly as we all know, is excellent for your mind. So you can say that diving is sort of a meditation under water.

If your mind is calm, hence it sends signals to the whole body. Those signals are positive ones which would allow the body to heal or repair issues as well as work in its optimum performance. That is why there is a reason why the phrase “mind over matter” is infamous. The brain is such a powerful muscle which controls everything!


If you are breathing slowly and is entering another realm away from the real world full of chaos above, you would surely calm down your hyped and stressed nerves. Diving is a good source of solitude that is almost craved by everyone in this world right during these times.

As the world gets tougher, we have to think of ways to unwind from all the hassles. Sometimes, we also have to be more creative. Diving is one of those creative undertakings because not everyone wants to try it. If, on the other hand, you are open to a new world of possibilities, give scuba diving a try!


The pressure underwater requires your muscles to work hard, and they need oxygen to do so. Consequently, the body’s blood vessels open up more to be filled by oxygen, thus improving the blood circulation throughout the body. What another wonderful reason as to why scuba diving is a must-try!


Right before a diver jumps into the water, his/her heart would surely race for a lot of reasons. It might be fear or excitement. Then as the diver goes further underneath, the slow breathing and movement would lower the blood pressure of the body.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure or any other similar condition, seek first the advice of a medical professional before trying diving.


Swimming in the ocean has always been liked, also because of the good effects that it has on the skin. Seawater improves the skin’s elasticity as well as its outer appearance. At the same time, being under seawater for a long time would dehydrate you. In turn, you would be so thirsty after a dive that you would drink lots of fluids. Therefore, this would replenish your body. So diving technically allows you to reap benefits from saltwater, and treat yourself externally and internally.


If the dive that you signed up for isn’t going so deep down there, you would have a good amount of sunlight. Such exposure for a good amount of time is good for the body; a no-brainer to all of us. Sunlight gives us Vitamin D which makes our bones absorb calcium more efficiently. Calcium, on the other hand, makes the bones stronger.


From time to time, we must try to be in contact with nature. Human and nature go hand-in-hand. It is an innate connection.

Diving isn’t just going closer to nature; it is going into it! At the same time, it isn’t just an ordinary kind of nature because it is another world full of species different from you. You could think of it as you barging in, so really be grateful that you have the resources to do so. Never disturb or cause havoc to the living things there. Simply observe.


The ocean is a mysterious body. From the surface, you can only see waves, but meters and meters deep, it is hiding a majestic world. Hundreds and hundreds of species ranging from small to big, from colorful to dark, from slow to fast, you name it all! You would be in awe of what is down there as you swim with these fishes and other organisms. If possible, take an underwater camera to snap such beauty.

Just bear in mind that you should respect all of them. Also, be mindful of harmful ones.


Diving or swimming is a nice activity, especially for people who have a physical disability. Under the water, they wouldn’t feel a thing. They wouldn’t feel like something is impaired as they feel weightless. In turn, this activity sort of gives them a sense of freedom which is pleasant and enjoyable as well.


An activity as rare and risky as this would be a big bragging right once you finally swim upwards again. You would feel a sense of pride in achieving such feat, thus adding more to your self-esteem. Also, you can healthily boast it to your friends! In turn, you might be able to inspire others, and persuade them to join you in your next dive! Scuba diving is indeed a must-try, right?


Before you are allowed to dive, you would be taking a lesson or briefing from a professional diver. If you are in it for the fun, a short briefing is enough to teach you of the basics. On the other hand, if you would like to do more such as dive into much deeper depths or trenches, you would need to learn thoroughly. Whatever you decide, you would meet people who could be your friends. In the exact diving itself, you could be joined by both amateur and professional divers.

All of you could make a bond which could be as deep as the depths you are diving into! New diving adventures could be set. It could be in a much deeper area or in another sea. Just as how the ocean is another world full of possibilities, so is the relationship that you have with the people who helped you dived and went back safe too.


The benefits of diving are truly all-encompassing. From its benefits to the body; externally and internally, as well as its welfares to the mind and your whole being, it is incredible! Imagine having all of these plus the fact that you are enjoying!

These 13 reasons why scuba diving is a must-try are a wakeup call for you, if you aren’t into it yet. Just as stated in the last number, you wouldn’t be alone, so don’t worry. It is risky, but if you can understand and follow the protocol, you are good to go. Before hitting the water, try as much as you can to calm your nerves because once you are down there, composure is a must. You wouldn’t want to lose your oxygen that fast.

If you have dived already, feel free to share this article to those you know who might benefit from diving. You already know the richness there that they are yet to discover. Don’t be selfish by keeping it a secret. Go on and spread the word!

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