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Best Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

A good swim is something that re-vitalizes and freshens anyone up, especially in summer. Along with knowing swimming, it is also essential that you have the swim masks equipment necessary for it.

A few of the swimming equipment required would be a swimming cap, goggles, and a swimming costume. This equipment makes it easy to swim. Swimming goggles can be with and without a nose cover.

A nose cover will help keep the water out from getting into your nose and causing you discomfort. This article will be naming the three top scuba diving swimming goggles with a nose cover and including a buying guide for you!

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1. Copozz Snorkeling And Scuba Diving Goggles

The Copozz goggles are the best swimming goggles with a nose cover in the market. The lens is the double panoramic type, which enables you to see underwater super.

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You get a 180-degree view with these goggles so that you can thoroughly enjoy your swim with the variety of colors you see. A 180-degree view also means you won’t have any blind spots.

These goggles’ lenses are made from tempered glass, which means that they won’t shatter or break even when you swim at great depths due to the pressure. The lens of these goggles is also resistant to scratches. Low-quality polycarbonate materials get scratched pretty easily.

The goggles with nose cover contain a skirt and a strap to prevent water from entering them. This is a durable product that does not have a foul rubber or plastic smell that may be uncomfortable for you, especially as recreational swimmers.

  • Tempered glass lens
  • Headband is adjustable
  • It has a snorkel tube
  • A box is not included with this.


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2. Exp Vision Pano Two Premium Swimming Goggles

The exp vision Pano two is a premium quality swimming goggle with a nose cover. There are three lenses with the goggle, and it comes with a panoramic view. You can enjoy the sceneries underwater, and the goggles stay on while you are snorkeling or swimming.

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This goggle is different from other swim goggles in the market as it has side panels that make it possible for you to see everything around you. There are almost no blind spots with this google which is pretty good for scuba diving goggles.

The lens is larger than usual so that there are no blind spots. If your mask gets blind spots, you could get nervous and anxious about it. There is no need to worry because this one gives a clear panoramic view so that there are no blind spots for you!

The lens is an antifogging lens that has no tint. It is also made using tempered glass so that it will not shatter under pressure. There is 100 % clarity no matter what the condition is around you. There is a silicone seal around the goggles, so there is no water leak.

However, if your nose is on the larger side, you may find goggles might not fit you well. If you have a long-distance between your eyes, it might not fit either.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage
  • Adjustable head strap
  • The fitting runs a little small. 

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3. Swim Star Snorkel Case With Nose Cover

The Swimstar snorkel set with a nose cover is an excellent choice for frequent recreational swimming. The lenses are made of tempered glass with an anti-fog coating. The goggle contains a silicone skirt that fits comfortably to prevent any leaks.

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Although most users can use these swimming goggles, those with a more prominent nose might find it a little uncomfortable to use. There is a snorkel valve included with this. There is a mouthpiece with a complete dry valve. There is a single-way purge valve that helps in the prevention of water from getting into the tube.

The skirt of the goggle takes the shape of your face, ensuring no leak. The snorkel valve can irritate your gums a little bit. A carry-on bag and user manual are included in this kit.

  • Silicone skirt that has a great fit
  • The anti-fog coating
  • One-lens construction

  • The snorkel valve is not very comfortable.

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Buying Guide

Any product will require some amount of research before purchase- So does swimming goggles with a nose cover. We have included a buying guide so that it becomes easy for you to select and purchase the best swim masks for you!


The best swimming goggles need to be the right fit for your face. Very tight goggles will hurt your eyes due to increased pressure. Most goggles have adjustable headbands.

Every brand has its size specifications, and you need to find the swim masks that fit you.

Lens design and the color

Multiple swim goggles lens design will give you a broad view, and a single lens design will be cheap. Ensure that your goggle lens is made of tempered glass. Tinted glass ensures no light hindrance, and clear glass provides a clear underwater view when wearing swim masks.

Anti-fog feature

This feature helps in repelling away condensation. This feature is a must in your goggle.

If your goggles fog up frequently, you need to choose a product that has this feature.

Pump Lung

You need to have a pump lung with your swim masks.

Pump lungs are essential as they help you to equalize the water pressure inside swim masks as it changes during your dive.


The best way is to choose a goggle with an anti-fog coating so that no condensation will form on the glass and impair vision. Go for either dry or semi-dry snorkel gear which ensures that no water or fog gets in swim masks. This helps in filling up the goggles and prevents leakage, expanding the life of your product. Try not to buy any swimming goggles without this feature as it is necessary for you.

Choosing your Lenses

There are many options available when buying lenses-single lens, double lens, and triple lenses. The choice is all yours- single or multi depending on your preferences. If you are a beginner goggle for you that has only one glass will be enough as it covers the entire view of the diver.


Comfort means everything to swimmers; even if they have an expensive product with excellent lenses, if it is not comfortable they won’t use them. The anti-fog coating is a must for any goggles with nose cover to ensure comfort while swimming.

Silicone skirt and the strap

A swim masks silicon skirt needs to be durable and comfortable. Ensure there is no water leak from the goggle even during high-intensity swimming sessions. The strap should also have silicone padding for comfort while wearing the goggles on your head.

Mouthpiece material is also very important. A silicone mouthpiece should be durable and comfortable to wear while doing breath-hold exercises. It should not hurt your gums if you are wearing it for long periods of time underwater.

Waterproof skirt and nose cover

A waterproof skirt prevents water from entering the eyes and nose.

There’s nothing worse than water leaking into your swim goggles and leaving you with blurred vision.

This feature is a must to buy, as it will prevent water from entering the goggle.

Nose covers protect the nostrils which ensure no entry of water or fog build-up inside them. You can check this today and pick up one for yourself!

The waterproof skirt and nose cover features ensure no water enters the goggles during your swim.

It should take the shape of your face and adapt to it. With the nose swim goggles, you need to make sure it fits your nose.


You need to check if the headband is adjustable. Most headbands are flexible, but some cheaper ones may not be. The fit of the band needs to suit your head well and be comfortable for you. The material needs to be durable and be hypoallergenic to not cause allergies for you.

The price and warranty

If you are an avid swimmer, we suggest you invest in the best swimming goggles that will be durable. Goggles will not be extremely costly. You need to select the right balance between price and swim goggles quality.

If you’re a new diver and do not swim often, we suggest you invest in a cheaper product and use it for few years.

The warranty of the product depends on its brand and manufacturer. The best brands offer an extended warranty so that they can be replaced after some time if any fault occurs due to manufacturing or usage errors. This is important as your goggles will serve many years if you take good care of them.


Summing Up

Getting swimming goggles with nose cover is important for swimmers as they let the diver see underwater clearly and comfortably, without any hindrance from a surface glass or plastic lens. We have mentioned some tips that will help you select the best goggle with nose cover to suit your needs today!

Nose covers that are present with swimming goggles with nose covers are excellent for swimmers who are into snorkeling. They are also great for swimmers who don’t want to worry about water getting into their noses and making them uncomfortable.

Those people who want to explore the underwater world will want to do so comfortably and without constantly worrying about the water, making them cough. Poorly fitting goggles can damage your eyes due to pressure.

It is, therefore, vital that you get your size fitting done well. Creasing of your skin can occur with goggles, and moisturizing will help the creases to soften down. You should explore these top products and choose one that fits your liking according to the buying guide given above.