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The Best Podcasts for Divers

In recent years podcasts have become an extremely popular form of entertainment. As the podcast industry has continued to expand, there is now a podcast covering any topic you could imagine.  If you are interested in scuba diving, you will be happy to know that hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts delve into the wonderful world of scuba diving. These podcasts are hosted by people who are new to diving, as well as people who have had decades of experience in the world of scuba. 

Much like any podcast, you can expect a variety of different content based around scuba diving.  

Educational videos 

Due to the current climate of the world, it is extremely difficult to find a good scuba class right now. This is mainly because government recommendations have meant that most scuba classes have stopped teaching. This is understandably extremely frustrating for anyone that was about to learn the ins and outs of scuba diving or those of you that were already undergoing your scuba education. Luckily for you, people with years of experience in the world of scuba have noticed the lack of proper learning right now. Because of this, many of them are using their own extensive knowledge of scuba to create an educational experience for the world.  

Within these podcasts, you can learn about a number of things, such as how to properly use your equipment and important safety procedures that you can put into practice once you can actually attend in-person classes. 


Story Times 

The ocean is a pretty exciting place where pretty much anything can happen. I’m sure you have seen the movies where people have had to take on predators. Even though a lot of that is fabricated, many real and interesting events occur when you are under the surface of the water. You can also see some amazing scenery when you are scuba diving, which many people describe within their podcasts. 



Though scuba diving is safe when done right and with the correct company, there are a number of risks involved. When it comes to the glamorous advertising of scuba diving, a lot of these risks are left out. A number of podcast content creators acknowledges this, and some of them create their podcasts with the sole goal of ensuring that their viewers are aware of the risks that come with scuba diving. If you are someone that isn’t aware of the potential safety risks, then this may be the kind of podcast that you will want to look into. 

Now that you know what content to expect from these podcasts, you may be wondering where to look to find the best ones to watch. Well, look no further. Here are our top picks of the best scuba diving-based podcasts that you can listen to right now. 


Dive stories 

Dive stories is a podcast hosted by Ocean Alison and was commissioned by the PADI. This falls under the topic of educational content put out there for novice divers. Ocean has a real love for the ocean, and she wants to share this love with the world. Within the podcast, she gives in-depth descriptions of her own experiences in the water, and she also shares her friends and colleagues’ experiences.  

Though this is an educational podcast, it really is an expression of her deep love of the ocean. She also introduces guest speakers, who give accounts of their experiences in the ocean. Most recently, she has delved into the world of freediving, which not many people outside of the diving world are familiar with. She goes into the pros and cons of freediving and the long history of the people who freedive frequently.  

She also focuses on the current hot topic in the world of scuba diving, this being conservation. She believes that if humans can find the time to explore the ocean, then we should also find the time to make sure that the ocean is properly cared for and loved as it should be. If this is something of interest to you, then her podcasts can be found on Spotify. 


Coming clean with the dirty dozen  

If you have never experienced scuba diving and wants to know more about real accounts of being under the water, you are bound to love this podcast. Coming clean with the dirty dozen brings in a long list of famous and experienced divers to talk about all of their most interesting diving excursions. If you want a real and unfiltered idea of what scuba diving is like, then you will love the content that this podcast offers. 

The best part of this podcast is how everyone that comes onto the podcast is friends. This means that it doesn’t have the awkward feel of an interview like a podcast. In fact, it feels just like a group of old friends recollecting memories that they have created throughout their many years in the scuba diving industry. Though there are age restrictions for scuba diving, this podcast shows us that the experiences we gain when scuba diving are truly ageless.  

One of the main purposes of this podcast is to show the fun side of scuba diving and to encourage people who have never tried it to give it a go. 



This podcast airs weekly and is hosted by a guy known as Greg The Divemaster along with his guest star friends.  This podcast promises to fill you all in on all of the latest news popping up in the world of scuba diving. This includes looking into brand new equipment and all the most recent scuba events. This podcast claims that it is the most downloaded scuba podcast to date, and there is no wonder why. Over the last 2 decades, users have really developed a relationship with Greg, and they’re excited to see what’s going to happen next in his exciting life.