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3 Best Hookah Diving System – Reviews and Buying Guide

Hookah Diving is best described as traditional Scuba Diving or Snuba diving suitable for skilled and experienced snorkelers. It allows a snorkeler to dive underwater without the restriction and limitation of a snorkeler tube.

Identified as SAS (Surfaced Air Supplied), hookah diving systems help snorkelers improve their skills in conventional scuba diving. The hookah dive systems for scuba diving consist of a Gas-powered or battery-powered Air Compressor to provide oxygen to the diver during underwater diving.

Traditional Scuba regulator diving requires skills and the right equipment to enjoy recreational activity safely. However, hookah system diving allows a diver to dive safely with underwater breathing capabilities, cumbersome scuba gear, and without a diving course. If you are looking for the best hookah diving system, you have come to the right place.

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3 Best Hookah Diving System – Reviews

With a hookah diving system, it becomes convenient to breathe underwater. Below, you can read the detailed reviews of the best five hookah diving systems, along with their pros and cons. So, read along to find the one that matches best for different kinds of hookah divers.

1.     Brownie’s Third Lung F285X Scuba Diving Hookah System

Brownie has become a global brand for manufacturing leading and top-quality diving equipment. The Third Lung F285X Hookah System is the lightest diving system manufactured by Brownie.

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Made with a Robins Subaru 4-stroke motor engine, the system can deliver powerful performance with 4.5 HP. Moreover, the system runs on gasoline and lasts for more than three hours.

It comes with an oil-less single-head direct drive compressor. The hookah air system can support three hookah divers at a depth of 30 to 45 feet while two divers at 70 to 80 feet depth. However, the depth also depends on the divers breathing.

Storing the additional hookah diving equipment is easy with a duffle bag and impact-resistant HDPE cover. Due to its portability and lightweight, you can easily carry the system anywhere.

  • Comes with a purge valve to control carbon monoxide emissions
  • Equipped with universally fit tow belts
  • Motor and compressor is protected by impact-resistant HDPE cover
  • Shows flexibility in diving depth for two and three divers
  • The compressor heats up on extended use


2.     Brownie’s Third Lung E150B Electric Hookah System

Another Brownie hookah system is made for both commercial and recreational purposes. The design is portable and simple. Even the use of materials is guaranteed to provide durability and efficiency.

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Brownie’s Third Lung system for scuba diving features a 1.0 HP TEFC motor that has a sealed switch. Like other hookah diving systems, it also has a single-head direct-drive compressor. Furthermore, the system can support two divers for a depth of 25 to 30 feet while a single diver for 50 to 55 feet of depth.

The compressor of this hookah system is equipped with a 60 ft and 10 ft air hose that comes with full QRS fittings. It also includes Brownie’s patented second-stage hookah regulator to provide excellent performance.

The system will continue to provide constant pressure run until the power goes off, and the motor will not heat up even after extended use. Therefore, hookah systems are suitable for deep water maintenance, recreation, and research. Lastly, it comes with an HDPE cover to protect it from outside impact.

  • Continue to operate as long it has the power source
  • Long power cord for flexible diving
  • The choice to use a two or single-person diving system
  • Boasts a safety sealed switch
  • Has low motor output at 1.0 HP


3.     HPDMC Oil-Free Hookah Dive System

The HPDMC hookah dive system is an oil-less diving system for snorkelers. It is equipped with a respirator compressor to help in breathing and a 50 ft hose. Moreover, it comes with a Diaphragm Air compressor to aid in air pressure compression to 2.5 bars.

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It comes with a filter through which the air is compressed and filtered. The two-way air compressed air purification and filtration system makes this one hookah system an excellent choice for many divers.

The motor comes with an overheat protection device. At any given moment, the temperature rise; it will control the temperature. The machine is lightweight, with only 18.6 pounds, and that’s why it is safe, robust, operation-friendly, and transport-friendly.


  • Lightweight makes it easy to transport and operate
  • It comes with manual operation.
  • Has a two-stage filtration process
  • Overheat protection device to regulate the temperature
  • Overheating can reduce the motor’s lifespan

Best Hookah Diving System – Buying Guide

Now that you have read the best hookah diving system reviews, you must be ready to buy one of the systems, right? Not yet. Before proceeding, you should look at the factors mentioned below while purchasing the hookah diving system.


Running Time

Running Time means the amount of time the system can support scuba diving. The gasoline-run hookah systems can run for a maximum of three hours. On the other hand, electric hookah systems can supply compressed air as long as they are connected to a power source.



The hookah systems should be compact and lightweight. The lightweight enables you to carry the system with you quickly and also makes it easy to operate while traditional scuba diving. Also, make sure they are portable and include one air hose.

If you’re planning on diving with a team, consider looking for a hookah system with multiple divers.



It is crucial to check the certification on the hookah diving system. Make sure you purchase the system from reputable brands like Brownie as they guarantee reliability as well as show certification from credible authorities. Purchasing from non-reputable brands may result in a system where your air compressor breaks, possibly failing to deliver air and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.



Your hookah systems should have a minimum influence on aquatic and marine life. Therefore, look for hookah systems with minimal noise from the air intake and air compressors with low or no carbon monoxide emissions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is hookah diving safe?

This question has always been raised in different diving forums and among diver groups. The majority of diving professionals believe that hookas are same as scuba gears, and they have the same level of riskiness. So there is nothing wrong with using hookah.


How deep can you go with a hookah diving system?

The depth depends on the compressor’s air output and the number of divers it supports. A single diver can go up to 90 feet with gasoline models. If two divers are attached, the depth will be 60 feet.


Can saltwater corrode the hookah diving system?

Yes, saltwater can reduce the hookah diving system’s lifespan if not checked and maintained regularly. After every dive, wash the system with fresh water and apply a small amount of mineral oil.


What should be the standard length of the hookah diving system hose?

All hookah regulators come with a pre-determined hose as per its depth capacity. The normal hose length lies between 50-100ft. Furthermore, the gas-run scuba tank alternative has longer air hose supports for greater depth.


How many CFM do you need for hookah diving?

In order to dive deeper, one needs more power or CFM. The rule of thumb is to have around 3/4 up to 3 Hp for a deeper dive. In terms of cleaner pressure, about 1.5 at 45 psi can be enough for the bottom.


Final Thoughts

Owning hookah regulators is a great choice when you want a safe and enjoyable traditional scuba diving experience. You can choose the system as per your own diving style for entirely safe and secure diving with supply air.

Unlike traditional diving systems, these new hookah diving systems are safe to use while offering a long diving period. Also, always check the system thoroughly before buying to make sure there isn’t any defect.

So, get ready for an incredible diving experience with the best alternative for a scuba tank anytime and at any place.