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3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving

Do you want to know more about the 3 Best Islands in Gili Island for diving?

Have you been searching for paradise on earth? All things considered, look no farther than the Gili islands. This archipelago of 3 little islands is the; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, which is situated close to the bank of northwest Lombok Island, Indonesia.  

Here, you’ll discover real seashores, clear water, and huge amounts of activities to make you grin and make the most of your get-away.   

Additionally, the Gili islands are a well-known goal for scuba diving. Meet individuals from the huge turtle population, swim with sharks, snick close by moray eels, and make huge amounts of new companions underwater. It doesn’t make any difference; If you’re not an experienced diver or an experienced diver, the marine life here offers everybody undertakings. 

Suppose you are planning to visit the Gili Islands and looking for some tips. Probably, you’re in the right article.

Here I will share with you the top 3 Best Islands in Gili Islands for diving. So, without further ado. Let’s get started! 

3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving

Best Time to Dive Gili Islands 

Gili islands are open all year. Anyone as with wherever else, a few seasons are superior to other people.  

Stormy Season; 

  • November to April; not unreasonably, it truly matters for divers.  

Peak Season; 

  • December-January 
  • July-September  

So, anticipate that things should book up rapidly and get ready for huge groups.  


  • May/June and October/November are commonly the best time to visit for divers. 

Water Temperature:  

The water temperature differs from  

  • 26°C to 30°C  

So you won’t need anything over a 3mm shorty to dive.  

Sadly, the coral around the three islands is not so great over 15 meters because of broad bomb angling the previous decade. Things appear to be improving, yet it will require some investment for the reef to completely recoup.  

The best spots are; 

  •  Shark Point and Deep Turbo for an all the more testing plunge!  

Scuba Diving Courses:  

The Gilis are known in Indonesia for being the cheapest spot for taking courses. Numerous individuals get their PADI Open Water on Gili Trawangan. In the event that you are as of now a diver, it is a great spot to get PADI Advanced Open Water or Rescue. Divemaster preparation is additionally accessible.  

Diving Safety  

If you are planning up and coming diving travel or venturing out to Gili Islands, Lombok. It is a great plan to put resources into movement protection for scuba diving. Since no one can really tell what could occur and when you may require it since mishaps do occur, I prescribe this diving protection as they offer overall coverage on giving scuba divers quality protection and clinical help service. 

3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving

3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving 

Gili Trawangan: The Party Island 

3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving

An outing to scuba diving in Gili will definitely land you eventually in Gili T. Gili Trawangan, regularly alluded to as Gili T, the most famous of the Gili Islands gathering island.  

It’s the most cosmopolitan of the islands with a lot of seashore bars, bistros, and convenience alternatives. Gili Trawangan is a hotspot for explorers hoping to meet other voyagers and gather.  

That being expressed, the island helps nostalgic escapes, and even family goes as it offers a touch of everything. 

A magnificent site for survey bigger marine life on the north side of Gili Trawangan. A level sandy base transforms into a progression of logically more profound gullies that run corresponding to the shore. This is presumably the most famous site in light of the sheer assortment of life seen here on a solitary jump.  

Normal Sightings:  

Reef sharks are found lolling in the gullies, cuttlefish, stingrays, huge amounts of turtles in the shallows, and each full moon it is a most loved hang out for a school of tremendous bump head parrotfish. Enormous beams, in some cases, pass by just as tutoring trevally. 

Things to Do: 

Regarding the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan likely has the most to offer as far as experiences and activities outside of scuba diving and swimming.  

The absolute most famous activities are:  

  • SUPing,  
  • Kayaking,  
  • Kite surfing, 
  • Wakeboarding 
  • Surfing 

For those who are looking for something all more loosening up, there are; 

  • Glass base vessel rides,  
  • Angling,  
  • Yoga,  
  • Massage  

At the point when the night comes around, don’t miss Gili T’s well-known dusks. The most popular destination to go to is the Sunset Bar.  

You can get one of yourself at the notable photographs of the sea swings at dusk, be that as it may, don’t let Instagram fool you; it’s not as tranquil as it appears.  

In every case, there are long queues to get this most loved shot, and local people tempt you to take your photograph and offer it to you as a gift.  

After nightfall, head to the night showcase for supper. You can get everything from noodles or rice to a full flame-broiled fish. Next, it’s a great opportunity to look at Gili T’s well-known gathering scene.  

There are typically explicit go-to spots contingent upon the evening of the week; however, a well-known most loved is Sama for reggae music.  

 If you need a tranquil night, you can avoid the bars for a film on the seashores. 

Diver Levels:  

  • Suitable for all levels. 


  • If you want to travel alone and hoping to blend while you log a couple of dives, or in case you’re with companions and keen for a couple of unforgettable nights out. 

Not Recommended: 

  • If the hedonistic backpacker party scene isn’t your thing. 

Gili Air: The Chill-Out Spot 

3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving

Gili Air is more laid back and loose than Gili Trawangan, yet not exactly as tranquil and segregated as Gili Meno.  

It’s an incredible spot for explorers who aren’t generally needing to party; however, they are hoping to encounter the Gilis and be social.  

 Of all the Gili Islands, Gili Air is presumably the most famous islands for divers to remain for those reasons. 

A gently sloping reef on the south side of Gili Trawangan with a good variety of hard and soft corals, interspersed with bommies and large table corals which shelter the fish. There is once in a while any ebb and flow here, a great site to draw near up with octopus, sting beams, reef sharks, cuttlefish, and in season a passing manta. 

Things to Do:  

Not surprisingly, water sports are the main attractions here. Scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, and surfing being the top picks. When you aren’t in the water, you can try yoga, relax on the beach, or even take a cooking class. 

At night you can go for supper at the Gili Air Night Market and get a spot on the seashore to watch the flawless nightfalls.  

Normal Sightings: 

This is an incredible spot for leaf scorpionfish, resplendent phantom pipefish, skeleton shrimp, and a wide range of nudibranch species, to give some examples. 

Diver Levels: 

  • Suitable for all levels. 


  • In case you’re searching for someplace to unwind and for a progressive neighborhood experience, yet still, you need to appreciate a comparative selection of offices as Gili T. 

Not Recommended: 

  • If you’re hoping for some wild nights out. 

Gili Meno: The Romantic Escape 

3 Best Islands in Gili Island for Diving

Scuba Diving Gili’s is the principal fascination on each of the 3 islands, yet Gili Meno is most likely the least well-known and the calmest of the Gili Islands. 

With that said, its lack of crowds often makes it a popular choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway. One of its advantages, being not as swarmed as Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno, is that the seashores here are a lot cleaner, and in this way, a lot more pleasant. 

If you are looking for a laid-back island for your diving vacation, Gili Meno is the place to go. 

The name says it all. Turtle Heaven offers almost guaranteed sightings of turtles throughout the year. In fact, divers sea turtles with reliable frequency around the islands, thanks to turtle hatcheries encouraging reproduction. 

This particular dive site is great for both snorkelers and divers. Snorkelers can observe turtles swimming and feed on the surface, while divers can follow them to the reef’s deeper parts. 

The reef’s highest point highlights broken coral that offers incredible concealing spots for littler marine life; divers that explore further will discover flawless coral and wipe bommies, frequently encompassed by batfish and tutoring fusiliers. You may spot groups of bump-head parrotfish. 

Things to Do: 

As shown above, Gili Meno is the calmest of the islands with no gathering scene. That being said, it is the perfect spot for acknowledging nature. 

Aside from diving and snorkeling, there isn’t really much to do on the island but sit back and relax. 

That being stated, Gili Meno has two or three cool attractions, including a turtle asylum where child loggerheads and infant green turtles are kept until they are mature enough to be discharged into nature. 

Gili Meno also has a bird park with over 300 species to be seen and heard. As with the other Gilis, sunset is always something to look forward to, so find a spot on the beach or visit one of the local beach bars to enjoy. 

Diver Levels: 

  • Suitable for all levels. 


  • In case you’re going with a friend or family member and are looking for a staggering seashore getaway to set a sentimental state of mind. 

Not Recommended: 

  • If you’ve just been dumped and need a distraction. 

Best Dive Sites Around the Gili Islands 

While every one of the Gili Islands every ha its own persona and features, with regards to diving, they are so near one another that they share the plunge locales. These are the best spots for scuba diving in Gili Islands;  

Turtle City:  

The best spot in the Gili Islands for turtles. You will likewise observe snappers, pufferfish, and eels alongside other fish.  

Meno Wall:  

A slanting divider canvassed in wonderful corals. It’s an extraordinary spot to see turtles, clownfish, snappers, and that’s just the beginning. It’s likewise an amazing spot for a night dive. 

Abundance Wreck:  

A pleasant wreck to investigate, ideal for untamed water jumpers. The steel outline has transformed into a coral nursery and pulled in much marine life, including cuttlefish, batfish, and jacks.  

Shark Point:  

Like the other diving spots in the Gili Islands, you will see turtles and commonplace reef fish, yet the sharks feature here. Dark tips and white tips can regularly be found right now.  


Bright, hard, and delicate corals and a lot of fish make this a mainstream spot for underwater picture takers. The dive site is isolated into profound Halick for the propelled divers and shallow Halick for open water.  

Dusk Reef:  

A delightful reef with bright corals. Table corals make huge ‘racks’ lodging a lot of types of marine life.  

Han’s Reef:  

A sandy slant with some rough regions. Search for nudibranchs, mantis shrimp, pipefish, and frogfish.  

Turbo: Divided into Shallow Turbo and Deep Turbo. Enormous coral ‘bommies’ and some gorgonian fans. The shallow zone is incredible for little critters and reef fish. In the profound area, you may see sharks, stingrays, and fish.  

Great Heart Reef:  

A delicate float dive with some incredible full-scale openings. A lot of butterflyfish, damselfish, and some cuttlefish. It’s an incredible spot for a night dive also, search for octopus, shrimp, lobster, and Spanish artists.  


Gili T has the second biggest Biorock site on the planet. These metal structures help develop coral faster with the assistance of a protected, low voltage electrical flow. The counterfeit reefs pull in a lot of fish, including boxfish, clownfish, bannerfish, cowfish, and frogfish.  

Japanese Wreck: 

 Very scarcely any individuals think about this disaster area; however, it is the place I did my introduction to tech. In the event that you are scuba diving, Gilis and need to attempt tech or the disaster area, hit up Blue Marlin Dive, as they are just ones that realize how to discover it. 

Final Thought: 

If you’re looking for a scuba diving site in Indonesia, Gili Islands will be a great choice for you. 

Whether your single or a couple, this place will be the best option to go scuba diving. 

However, you need to always ensure your safety and protection before going on a scuba diving trip. 

Therefore, keep in mind to get your scuba diving certification before you go on your first dive in Gili Islands. 

Hopefully, this article helps you to discover the Gili Islands more.